Man buys a house on Amazon for $30,000 and people are confused

Alice Sjöberg

A man has gone viral on TikTok after revealing his most recent investment, which was a tiny house he bought for $30,000 on Amazon. But viewers don’t know what to think about it.

There’s no question that most of the world is currently going through a housing crisis, and people are taking to social media to share their tricks on how to get through it.

From an “unhinged” $900 rental listing where the tenant would have to share a bed with their landlady, to an influencer being dragged by viewers after celebrating buying her first home, the internet has seen it all. Or so we thought.

TikToker Graim might have come up with a new “hack” to get through the housing crisis. In a TikTok video, he shared how he were able to buy a tiny home directly off of Amazon for $32,475 on a zero-interest credit card to put on a part of a 13-acre plot of land he owns.

“You can get one as low as $18,000,” he said. “I wanted to get one that I can try to make into a decent-sized space where I can get some residual income coming in monthly. The goal is to bring in over $800 a month, $750 to $800 a month I think we’ll be able to do that easily with this.”

Graim expressed that he had hoped to erect several of these tiny homes on his property to rent them out for around $750 to $800 a month and build a tiny home community that would help him bring in some revenue.

He continued: “The crazy part about this is that this is supposed to be here January, like…I just did this today, had some calls with some business people and we price-matched with Home Depot, we price-matched with a lot of other people and somebody was like have you checked Amazon?”

After heading over to the Amazon website, he said he was shocked to discover the item at a bargain price.

“So we checked Amazon and it literally was a better deal all around and we’re gonna get it for…we’re gonna get it within the week,” he told viewers. “Literally within the week this is gonna be delivered somebody must be present to sign.”

People don’t know what to think about the tiny house

Viewers had varying opinions on the tiny home he showed off in his video, with several people criticizing Graim’s plan as well as the price for the tiny house.

One person wrote: “30K for a shed is INSANE.”

Another person said: “$30K for the house.. how much for setup, electrical, plumbing, permitting??”

“Did I miss the part where everyone got 30k randomly and how do I obtain the 30k???” a third person wrote.

Not everyone thought it was a bad idea though, as some were quick to say they wanted to do the same thing.

“Shoot if I had the money, I would definitely do it too!” one user said, while another person wrote: “I’m about to buy one and put it in my parents backyard.”