Man instantly regrets buying house on Amazon for $24K after seeing it in person

Michael Gwilliam
man buys $24K house on amazon

A man who bought a house on Amazon for $24,000 and even got a free upgrade was left stunned after it shipped and he stepped inside.

Amazon’s houses have been going viral online with viewers amazed that a whole residence can ship on a truck for a rather affordable price.

In January, TikToker ‘hittaa_jeff’ went viral when he revealed that he purchased a house on the site, explaining that he never even “thought twice about it” and only after realized he had no land.

Sure enough though, the house shipped in one piece, but Jeff wasn’t exactly overly thrilled with its design for one big reason.

Man baffled by major flaw with Amazon house after paying $24K

According to Jeff, an Amazon specialist saw his TikTok and decided to upgrade his house to a larger model with a different color and two couches.

Not only that, but she also helped find him a place to store the house as he’s yet to buy land to put it on, but it turns out that he won’t be living there anyway.

After walking inside and showing off the living room, bathroom, and couches, which he wasn’t a fan of, he revealed his biggest problem with the house.

“The ceilings are very low! I’m 5’8,” he explained while barely reaching up and knocking on the top of the house. “They’re not too high. They’re very low.”

In a follow-up clip, Jeff said he plans to turn the house into an AirBnb with the ceiling being his main concern above everything else.

“I could touch the ceilings,” he said. “The plan is to AirBnb it. That’s a smart decision. The electrical, plumbing and everything, I have all that set up. I just really want to get the permits in hand first to move and get everything situated.

While the man may not have a new residence for himself, hopefully, he can turn it into a successful Airbnb that will pay off his order and then some.