Home Depot shopper finds $450 item scanning as only $40 at self-checkout

Kawter Abed
Home Depot shopper finds $450 item scanning as only $40 at self-checkout

A Home Depot customer has gone viral on TikTok after finding a $450 item that rang up as $40 at the self-checkout.

TikToker and self-proclaimed “elite reseller” Nick Hustles (nick.hustles) claims to have stumbled upon an incredible bargain while browsing the aisles of the home improvement store.

“You guys need to head to Home Depot right now, because they have these four hundred dollar Ring security cameras for only forty bucks,” he said in a video, which has racked up over 957,000 views.

“Now the clearance sticker says that they’re a hundred dollars, but when you actually ring them up at checkout, they’re 44 bucks,” the shopper continued.

He then showed proof of his find on camera, filming a checkout screen with the stated price. The item Nick scanned appeared to be the Ring Jobsite Security 5-Piece Starter Kit, currently listed at $399 on Home Depot’s website.

The content creator didn’t disclose the specific location where he stumbled upon this deal, nor did he mention the city or state he was in.

Some TikTok users said they found the product at their local Home Depot but couldn’t find the same price as Nick. “$400 at my Home Depot,” one person commented.

“Still 349.99,” another wrote.

“In my store it’s 400. It’s just your store,” a third shared.

Nick wrote that he secured the same deal in San Antonio, Texas. He also mentioned that he purchased the last available units in the store, stating, “All in San Antonio are gone… I bought 4 of them and sold them on Offer Up.”

This is far from the first time a customer’s gone viral for finding a jaw-dropping bargain; previously, a TikToker stunned viewers after she found a $6,000 Galia Lahav wedding dress for just $25 at Goodwill.

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