Bizarre TikTok filter guesses your age based on your sock length preference

Alice Sjöberg
TikTok sock age filter

TikTok users are loving the most recent game filter on the app, where the filter guesses the user’s age based on their preferred sock length.

Filters are one of the most used features on TikTok. Whether it’s a beauty filter to change one’s appearance, AI effects, or minigame filters like the chopping cucumber, they only seem to become more and more popular.

The most recent filter to go viral, which has been used over 33,400 times, has users adjust the length of socks on an animated leg to their preferred length which is then used to determine the users’ “true ages.”

TikTok user laynadavv posted a video of herself using the filter, which gained over 3.7 million views in the first four days.

The first time she used it in the video, she opted for mid-ankle length, which made the filter say she was 37 years old. And based on the look she gave the effect, she was not happy with that answer.

She then had a guy with her try the filter. He opted for slightly lower socks than Layna, but not quite ankle length. It then guessed that his age was 40, which again appeared to be wrong, based on his confused reaction.

TikTokers took to the comments to discuss their preferred ages and sock lengths. One person said: “I can’t live without my ankle socks.”

Another agreed and shared their own experience: “I don’t like socks but when I wear them they have to be no shows or ankle and I got 43 and 45, I’m 23.”

It comes after millennials were shocked after finding out that Gen Z decided that ankle socks were out of fashion, giving millennials an identity crisis. The so-called “sock rule” went viral on TikTok in April after an intense discussion about socks in an office and whether or not ankle socks were still socially acceptable.

According to Gen Z’ers, long socks are the way to go no matter what. But according to Millennials, ankle socks are favored.

This is not the only trend to go viral on TikTok recently. Health experts have recently warned against the “sink drink trend” which sees people using their kitchen sinks to mix drinks.