Experts warn against TikTok’s viral ‘Sink Drinks’ trend

Kawter Abed
Sink drinks TikTok trend

Experts have issued a warning against the viral ‘Sink Drinks’ trend on TikTok, which involves using your sink to make drinks.

One of the latest TikTok crazes sees people making huge cocktail mixes in their sinks, with the trend racking up over 145 million posts on the app.

In one viral clip with almost 58 million views, content creator thetipsybartender, who is known for his boozy recipes, showed how he makes his famous ‘Jungle Juice’ recipe right in his kitchen sink.

While the video garnered over 5.1 million likes, many viewers in the comments were shocked by the unusual location for preparing the drink. “I’m sorry excuse me? In the sink?” one person questioned. “It looks good but not in the SINK,” another added.

But despite videos featuring this trend amassing millions of likes and views on the app, Dr Gareth Nye, a Programme Lead for Medical Science, spoke to Magnet Kitchens to warn people against partaking in it.

“The kitchen sink is normally considered one of the riskiest places in the kitchen as it’s the place we deposit cooked and uncooked food waste, and wash our hands in after touching raw meats and other spillages,” he said.

“A study from The National Sanitation Foundation found that 45% of kitchen sinks tested positive for coliform bacteria such as E Coli and 27% contained molds which are known to cause allergic reactions and respiratory issues. Also, most drains have some form of blockage, usually from grease or fat.”

Dr Nye explained that this can foster bacterial growth, including pathogens like E. coli and Salmonella, which may ascend into the sink area. He continued: “Ultimately, you are using your kitchen sink to get rid of things and you are likely facing millions of bacteria in and around the sink and plug hole.”

Instead of making drinks in your sink, Magnet Kitchens recommends using it as an ice bucket to store cans and bottles of champagne and beer, keeping them cool.

This is just the latest TikTok craze being warned against by experts after doctors spoke out against the ‘anti-sunscreen’ campaign trend.