Tekken Commentator Makes On-Point 'Panda' Character Impression During THE MIXUP 2018 Event - Dexerto

Tekken Commentator Makes On-Point ‘Panda’ Character Impression During THE MIXUP 2018 Event

Published: 10/Sep/2018 18:37 Updated: 10/Sep/2018 18:53

by Virginia Glaze


Fighting game commentator Steve ‘Tasty Steve’ Scott delivered a hilarious (and remarkably accurate) impression of the Tekken character ‘Panda’ during Tekken World Tour event ‘The Mixup’s’ Top 8.

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Sunday’s Top 8 saw Tekken pros Fursan | Rangchu and Rox Dragons | Chanel face off in the Losers’ Final.

Rangchu, using Panda, was down one 1-2 when Tasty Steve pulled off an impression of the character during her intro.

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He made a sound exceptionally similar to Panda’s grunt – although his impression was slightly louder (and much more hilarious).

Fellow commentator Spaghetti ‘Spag’ Rip cracked up at his impression, and Steve did it again – much to the chat’s amusement. Not much commentary happened following this impersonation: the two could barely follow the action on screen after Steve’s sound effects.


“Yo, my dude is dying right now. This is hilarious. Come on, bro! Get it together!”

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Following the match – which Rangchu took 3-1 – Chanel’s fight stick malfunctioned, giving Rangchu a round as per the Tekken World Tour ruleset. The error ended up killing Rangchu’s momentum, and Chanel took the set 3-2, knocking Rangchu out of the tournament at 3rd place and moving on to the Grand Finals.

Chanel went on to fight teammate Rox Dragons | KNEE, who took the tournament 3-0 over Chanel after the latter’s 3-2 bracket reset. The Mixup was the final tournament in the Tekken World Tour for Tekken 7’s first season.

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This isn’t the first tournament where Rangchu placed highly with Panda, either. He likewise made Top 8 during the 2018 Evolution Championship Series with the character, in the largest fighting game tournament in the world – and the largest Tekken tournament in history.