Blackout lets you play Basketball and Crimsix’s First shot went Hilariously Wrong

. Last updated: Sep 10, 2018

The Blackout beta is underway and top CoD pros and streamers are already racking up highlight reel plays.

But one pro stopped to admire the scenery of the Black Ops 2 classic Raid and discovered a mini-game in the process.

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As Crimsix discovered, Blackout will let you shoot a basketball on Raid’s backyard court.

Unfortunately for Crim, his first shot was a hilarious fail that lost the ball.

The CoD pro would recover and found another ball to shoot, making a few jumpers to restore a respectable percentage.

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Raid was first playable in Black Ops 2 and also had basketballs on the court, but they could not be picked up like in Blackout.

The balls did have physics enabled, allowing players to use their weapons to fire them towards the basket.

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Raid returned in Black Ops 3 as a remake called Empire, which was slightly modified to allow for BO3’s jetpack movement system.

The fan-favorite map is once again back for Black Ops 4 in the Blackout mode. You can find Raid in the Estates section of the map, located on the northern border.