YouTuber builds “knockoff” Apple Vision Pro & it’s genius

Anurag Singh
YouTuber Basically Homeless with their makeshift Vision Pro setup

A YouTuber built their own Apple Vision Pro using parts from a thrift store, and people are surprised it actually works.

YouTuber Basically Homeless set out on a mission to create their own Apple Vision Pro. They wanted the VisionOS but with Windows 11. Realizing this would take a lot of effort and coding, the YouTuber found a clever workaround. They captured a snapshot of the live camera feed 60 times a second and used each image as the wallpaper within Windows.

The YouTuber sets up their makeshift Apple Vision Pro by mounting a monitor, camera, and PC to a helmet. Finally, they showcase their completed setup, demonstrating how they can control applications with their eyes and hands.

The final result is a device mounted on the YouTuber’s head thanks to straps and duct tape. It doesn’t look remotely similar to the Vision Pro and is not mobile in any way.

However, the YouTuber showcases that they can operate certain functions using their hands. They open Google Chrome using hand gestures, and it works. Basically Homeless said they built the Vision Pro knockoff for just $1200 using parts from thrift stores.

Viewers are fairly impressed by this knockoff VR headset.

“While every other YouTuber was busy getting their hands on the Apple Vision Pro and record the exact same review everyone else already uploaded my man built his own Absolute legend,” reads one comment.

“I heard Apple had a all hands on deck meeting because of this guy. He is going to single-handedly bring down Apple,” one user jokingly commented.

So, while the “knockoff” Vision Pro won’t land on shelves any time soon, it’s an ingenious hack that is a genuinely impressive technical feat.

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