Apple Vision Pro reviews are in & opinions are split

Anurag Singh
Apple Vision Pro on a woman's head

Reviews for the Apple Vision Pro are out ahead of its February 2 release, and critics are sharing a range of opinions.

The reviews of the $3,499 Apple Vision Pro are out, and while the sentiment is generally positive, some valid concerns have been raised. Alongside the typical gripes about the headset’s weight and battery life, reviewers have noticed a sometimes-buggy software experience and a lack of popular apps.

Apple Vision Pro will go on sale on February 2. It will only be available in the US for now, with more regions to be added soon. It is currently poised to be the best mixed-reality headset in the market, way ahead of its only real competition, the cheaper Meta Quest 3.

Apple Vision Pro is not without flaws

Apple Vision Pro reviews have just started to go live, and more experts yet to post their opinions. For instance, YouTuber Marques Brownlee has only posted an unboxing video as of now, with a more elaborate review coming later.

However, those who have thoroughly reviewed Vision Pro have their opinions split. The Verge notes there are not “any real VR games or fitness apps” in the VR headset and the “hand and eye tracking can be inconsistent and frustrating.”

The publication also highlights that “the idea that you’ll be making real eye contact with anyone while wearing the Vision Pro is a fantasy” before mentioning that “using the Vision Pro is such a lonely experience, regardless of the weird ghost eyes on the front.”

Apple Vision Pro VR headset against a colorful background

CNBC’s Todd Haselton is not happy with the lack of popular apps like Netflix and YouTube. Haselton also noticed that the apps that do work on the VR headset are somewhat buggy. They said apps like “Amazon Prime Video, exist but aren’t great. A bug shows a big box in the middle of the screen when you’re watching a movie.”

The Wall Street Journal’s Joanna Stern expressed a similar sentiment, noting “It’s [Apple Vision Pro] big and heavy, its battery life sucks, there are few great apps and it can be buggy.”

To sum up, Apple Vision Pro has gotten a positive reception from critics, however, some issues may be deciding factors for you. Of course, the software will improve and more apps will be added over time. But it’s always a good idea to judge a product from what it is in the present and not what it could be in the future.

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