YouTuber builds car out of electric scooters & it actually works

Rosalie Newcombe
Screenshot from Reeve's video, "I built a car out of scooters."

YouTuber Michael Reeves has created a “car” out of electric scooters, controlled by Nintendo Wiimote as a steering wheel.

It’s been over a year since OfflineTV member and hugely popular YouTuber Michael Reeves last uploaded a video. The YouTuber is back, creating an entirely functional “car” out of electric scooters.

In a brand-new video uploaded on June 6, Michael set out to take the four-tire setup of a typical modern car and replace them with four electronic scooters. Each scooter was planned to be held together by a frame, acting like the main body of a car.

With a lot of clever ingenuity, Michael created the scooter-car hybrid, which worked and could be driven with a Wii remote.

The final project even involved a “custom push-off system” with a customized sneaker attached to a large metal piston. This gave the scooter car the ability to push off to give momentum, just like when riding a scooter.

The scooter-car put into practice just about every engineering skill you can imagine. From 3D-printing parts, to coding on Python to allow the retro Wii controller to interact with handmade throttles. The project took around 80 hours of welding alone to assemble a heavy-duty metal frame.

The end result looks like an Inspector-Gadget-like contraption – with a sneaker hanging at the back, plastic tableware containers containing the throttles, and a modified gaming chair as the car seat.

Despite its unorthodox appearance, it still allowed the YouTuber to drive through the streets of Santa Monica.

Michael was inspired to create the bizarre contraption after visiting a friend in hospital who was recovering from an e-scooter-related injury.

Learning about the increasing amount of e-scooter accidents, which rose by a staggering 21% in 2022 alone, according to a report by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, led Michael to want to create an e-scooter that was “easier to use and safer”, which lead to the e-scooter-car hybrid project.