MrBeast reveals how much money he’s made reposting old YouTube videos to X

Meera Jacka
MrBeast reveals how much money he's made reposting old YouTube videos to X

MrBeast has revealed reposting his old YouTube videos on X (formerly Twitter) has helped him rake in some big money.

Since first testing the waters of Elon Musk’s ad revenue system on X, MrBeast has posted numerous old YouTube videos to the platform. With X’s ad revenue system only recently being added since Musk took over, MrBeast took it upon himself to determine whether or not the potential earnings were worthwhile.

Now, MrBeast has revealed the outcome of his experiment, sharing how many views his old videos garnered on X alone… and in turn, how much money he made.

According to MrBeast, all videos have received more than 100 million views, with the most viewed being $1 Car vs $100,000,000 Car at 177 million. In total, MrBeast stated he has now made “around a million in ad revenue,” dubbing his experience using X for video content as “awesome.”

“I’m just adding it to my video budgets so now I can spend more on content,” the internet celebrity said, revealing how he planned to spend the money.

Fans of MrBeast congratulated him on his high earnings, with one person writing, “Not too shabby for old videos a bunch of people had already watched.”

“I can only imagine the opportunities this will open for your content creation,” another said. “Looking forward to seeing the creative outcomes!”

MrBeast was evidently happy with the outcome too, tweeting, “I’m quitting YouTube… posting to X full time now.”

While fans assumed he was joking, Musk himself encouraged the switch, responding with, “You should actually.”

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