Xbox Elite Series 2 controller gets brand-new customization options

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Microsoft has announced that you are able to customize your own Xbox Elite Series 2 controller via Design Lab, starting at $149.99. You can change up the button color, body, and more right now.

Ever feel like your own controller wasn’t doing the trick? Microsoft has announced that you can now put its high-end Elite Series 2 through its design lab. This means that you are now able to switch up the colorways for your high-end controller with reckless abandon.

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No matter what clashing colorway you pick, each controller is designed by you and manufactured to be a unique controller. A limited edition, simply limited to you.

Xbox Design Lab Elite Series 2 controller price

The Design Lab Xbox Elite Series 2 controller starts at $149.99. You could theme a controller around your favorite characters or your favorite colors. There are thousands of options to choose from, and the Xbox Elite Series 2 is one of the best PC controllers around.

However, it should be noted that you’re not getting all of the accessories with the controller out of the box like you would a normal Elite controller. Back paddles will cost $26.99, replaceable thumbstick and a D-pad will cost $29.99. Finally, the carrying case & charging pack will cost an additional $39.99.

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If you choose to kit yourself out with all of the optional bells and whistles, it’ll cost a cool $246.96.

  • Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller: $149.99
  • Paddles pack: $26.99
  • Thumbsticks & D-pad pack: $29.99
  • Carrying case & charging pack: $39.99

However, you are also able to customize the accessories, too. Meaning that no matter what you choose, your controller will be entirely bespoke, and tuned to your preferences. We love this controller, and while it’s great. We’re still waiting for its inevitable follow-up to rear its head.

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