Xbox Elite Controller Series 3: Price and release date predictions

Xbox Elite Controller Series 3

Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 might not be coming any time soon, but the fact of the matter is, there’s absolutely going to be one on the horizon. Here’s what you could expect from a new Xbox Elite controller.

The Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 is one of the best controllers to date. With a wide range of built-in options to customize your experience, with high-quality attachments, it stands far above your standard controller.

However, as with any piece of hardware, the fans’ needs for a new version are always insatiable. While there’s nothing from Microsoft about a potential Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 just yet, it’s an inevitability.

You can get the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 directly from Microsoft US and Microsoft UK.

Prediction: Will there be a new Elite controller?

Yes, you can almost bank on this happening. Microsoft routinely refreshes and updates its product lines across its entire output. They are, however, not like Apple or other similar manufacturers, in that outside of their laptop ranges, they rarely do yearly updates to their hardware.

Should I wait for the Xbox Elite Series 3 controller?

If you’re in the market for purchasing a new Xbox controller and want to go big, then no, you shouldn’t wait. You could be waiting an entire year or more before they decide to release one. There are no rumblings that they’re prepping to announce a new iteration just yet, so you’re more than secure to acquire an Elite Series 2 controller.

Even if they did release the Elite Series 3 controller, the Series 2 is still an excellent option for most people.

To further back these claims, Microsoft appears to be slowly distributing white variations on the Elite Series 2 controller. It lends credence to the fact that they’re not ready for a release of their next Elite controller.

Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 release date rumors

There’s no confirmed date for the Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 just yet.

Despite being nearly three years in, the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 still takes the top spot as one of the best controllers you can get today. However, despite the length of time, we’ve yet to hear anything or even a real rumble about the Elite Series 3.

The time difference between the Elite Controller and its second iteration was about four years, with the second edition launching in 2019. Seeing as we’re now in year three of its lifecycle, we’re predicting that we’ll start to hear more about the Elite Series 3 sometime next year.

Xbox Elite Series 3 specs predictions

As the Series 2 really did almost perfect controllers, the Series 3 really doesn’t have to do a lot in terms of its core use. What could be improved is the weight and accessories that come with it.

The paddles on the back of the Elite Series 2 have recently been replicated elsewhere, like on the Steam Deck, but it’d be nice to have them with tighter magnets or even proper clips to keep them attached. More stick options too, as only having three options and none for the other stick was a small letdown.

Adjustable weights would be an excellent inclusion, as we saw with the PowerA Fusion Pro 2 controller. A heavier controller might not always be the best option for everyone, and the Series 2 already had some weight to it. Being able to reduce that for comfortability would be an excellent idea.

Xbox Elite Series 3 controller price predictions

As with most modern hardware, it’d be smart to expect either a small price increase or for the next product to completely replace the old. The Elite Series 2 currently sits at around $200, with the Elite Series 3 presumably going to be around that too.

Remember, these are premium products, so the $200 price tag might be a bit of an eye-sore now, but in all honesty, these controllers are worth every penny.

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