Windows 11 preview build has new native RGB controls

windows rgb

Microsoft’s latest build of Windows 11 buries a new customization option for your RGB peripherals, without the need for other software.

Windows 11 is split into three builds, with two accessible through Microsoft’s Insider Program. There’s a stable build, preview, and a beta build, which house features being tested for the next edition of Windows.

windows rgb

In the latest preview build, a new menu has appeared in the Personalization part of the Settings app, allowing users to control their RGB peripherals without the need for external software.

This would mean things like Corsair’s iCUE and Razer Synapse could be directly through Windows without the need for the mass amount of bloatware required to switch the colors of a keyboard.

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According to Twitter user thebookisclosed, the feature has been in development since 2018, and presumably shelved for other work. References from has requests for the feature from around that time too.

The update could come in what Microsoft dubs ‘Moments’. These are usually the updates that deliver new features and improvements to the Windows 11 OS. Currently, it’s rumored that this might be a Moment 3 feature, expected in May or June.

One user on Twitter has pointed out that one of the velocity settings for RGB is currently titled “LightingMayMoment”, indicating that expectations could be on the money.

Unlock RGB control in Windows early

A tool called Vivetool can unlock various features not yet supposed to be accessible by the general public. Using Vivetool, you can have a look into the new settings – though they may not be functional at all yet.

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To do so, download Vivetool and open the Command Prompt.

  1. Use cd to move Command Prompt’s focus to the folder you have Vivetool installed to.
    • For instance, you’d use c:\Users\(username)\Desktop\vivetool to get to it.
  2. Once it has appeared in the Prompt, type in the following and press enter after each one:
    • vivetool /enable /id:41355275
    • vivetool /enable /id:35262205
  3. Restart your PC and head into the Settings app, it should now appear under Personalization.