Twitter designer shows off radical new UI with sortable replies

Joel Loynds
New Twitter design

Twitter designer Andrea Conway has revealed a potential new look for how tweets and replies are handled on the platform.

Despite facing a multitude of issues, Twitter is currently undergoing a design refresh. The platform has been embroiled in a feud with Meta’s competitor, Threads, and this week plans to make some big changes.

Among these is Twitter’s new method of how it shows replies under tweets. Before the introduction of Twitter Blue, this was on a first-come-first-served basis, with the top reply often the oldest. Since the subscription has been brought in, it now boosts subscribed users, regardless of popularity.

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Twitter appears to be taking inspiration from Reddit

Andrea Conway’s new look at how Twitter will be letting users manage the replies they read looks eerily similar to that of Reddit or Facebook. It features a drop-down menu that in the image says “Top Replies”. We assume it’ll also feature methods of sorting by new or oldest tweets, and if Elon Musk’s online habits are any indication, most controversial – like Reddit.

The reactions have been mixed, with the Blue subscribers in the replies mostly seeing it as a positive, while the users in the quote tweets are a little more mixed.

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Are tweet views going away?

Interesting to note is that the mock-up is missing the newly introduced views, but retains the bookmarks. However, it is still a mock-up and may never even launch as it looks now.

Musk’s Twitter has been the subject of multiple controversies over the last few weeks. This includes the imposed “rate limit” on how many tweets users could view – even if they are a subscriber.

More recently, ex-employees have levied a $500 million lawsuit against the company as it appears that Twitter has yet to pay out severance for the mass layoffs when Musk took over.

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