ThunderX3 CORE gaming chair review: An impressive premium offering

James Lynch
The Thunder X3 Core chair in a study settingThunderX3

Looking to pick up a new gaming chair? The ThunderX3 CORE might be your next best bet. We’ve tested it for weeks, and are ready to lay down the verdict.

After two weeks of rigorous testing, we’re ready to bring you our final verdict on the ThunderX3. This premium gaming chair builds on its solid construction with a highly customizable design and ingenious features.

It would be fair to say that ThunderX3 is one of the lesser-known brands in a uniquely crowded gaming furniture space. Having said that, the CORE brings a lot to the table and threatens to push the company to the front of the gaming chair queue in its own right.

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The chair is around average, for a higher-end gamign headset

Starting at a relatively expensive, though standard for this type of chair, MSRP of £339.95, it’s an ideal choice for those who work from home throughout the day or severe video game players who may settle down for an extended period.


When it comes to the assembly of the CORE, the entire experience is recognizably similar to other chairs from direct competitors. The package arrives in two boxes, one containing the chair’s main body while the other includes the accessories, including the head pillow and multi-purpose footrest.

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Putting the chair together is a simple experience, taking around 20-25 minutes from start to finish. The chair is assembled with Allen key screws (all provided), and the instructions provide clear diagrams. Additionally, parts of the chair that need to be configured the correct way round are labeled and obvious, preventing difficult rearranging later on.

The only negative note here relates to the chair mechanism, which, in the case of the CORE, is exceedingly heavy. The components used in the mechanism are well-machined and overtly high quality, but the excessive weight can make screwing the part solo a bit of a chore. Additionally, this contributes to a chair that weighs more than 30kg, and this should be taken into account before deciding where to start assembly.

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The mechanism of the ThunderX3 CORE


Visually, in the Black PU Leather version we tested, the CORE is remarkably low-key. Though the chair’s silhouette is recognizable as a racing-inspired gaming chair, it wouldn’t look out of place in an office of any kind. The artificial leather is well upholstered throughout, and it remains breathable for extended periods (though notably in relatively cool temperatures.) The chair is also available in the ever-popular light grey fabric, a configuration that will likely increase the breathability further.

As far as customization goes, this is undoubtedly one of the best offerings on the market at its current price point. The CORE.READY backrest tilts with the user, providing ergonomic lumbar support regardless of how they are sitting and without the need for manual adjustment. The separate headrest can be clipped to the top of the chair to provide extra comfort, and the footrest is an excellent addition that can also be used as a rocker for a leg workout or as a handrest.

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The ThunderX3 CORE chair in an office environmentThunderX3

The chair itself can be arranged in many different ways, and there will likely be something there for everyone. The back can be locked at four different angles while the CORE’s “synchronous tilt” feature ensures the user will be in an appropriate posture regardless of how this is set. The arms are nicely padded and can be raised or lowered, moved backward and forward, or swiveled to ensure the user’s arms are equally supported at all times.

Much of the chair is made of steel, and the base is sturdy, though some of the edges and corners on the lower half of the CORE can cause grief if kicked or scraped against. The cushioning is also deep and firm throughout, providing support and comfort in equal measure.

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Speaking of comfort, this chair puts in another impressive showing. On any given day, we spent 8-10 hours in the chair and didn’t come out the other side feeling anything other than normal. Adjusting the posture throughout the day depending on what we were trying to do also helped, and the number of options came into its own as the day wore on.

The pillow attached to the headrest can slide around quite a lot, and another anchor point would have helped enormously. Additionally, when the chair is in “free” mode, the amount of resistance to backward and forward movements can be a little extreme, with the whole thing feeling like a fight at times. Locking the chair into a specific position does solve this issue, though.

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Should you buy it?

As someone who spends a lot of time sitting at a desk, the ThunderX3 kept up with ease. The solid lumbar support and variety of options available for customizing the chair position make it an ideal choice for long stints. The additional alterations available to the chair, including the extra cushions and the infinitely adjustable armrests, all add to a picture that becomes increasingly appealing as time passes. If you can carry it into the room you want to use it in, the ThunderX3 CORE feels like a no-brainer.

The Verdict: 4/5

At a very reasonable £339.95, this is a hugely competitive chair for the price, going up against bigger names like the Secretlab Titan Evo and the Noblechairs HERO. Whether solely for gaming or more aimed at office usage, it would be difficult to be disappointed with what this chair offers.

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