Noblechairs Hero review: Durable & versatile

Theo Burman
Noblechair HERO review

The Hero series from Noblechairs aims to bridge the gap between gaming and office chairs, and after two weeks of testing, we’re ready to tell you if it’s worth the price.

Noblechairs joined the scene in 2016, and have secured a decent spot in the gaming chair market despite overcrowding and stiff competition from industry titans like Secretlab. Nonetheless, we were really impressed with the Noblechairs Hero, especially with how much flexibility it offers to gamers who are also looking to flesh out a work-from-home setup.

Priced at $529, or £379 in the UK, the Noblechairs Hero isn’t the most expensive gaming chair on the market, but it still manages to offer heaps of features at this price point.

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It wouldn’t be a proper gaming chair experience if you didn’t have to assemble the thing yourself. Putting the Hero together is pretty simple, and takes no longer than 10 minutes thanks to an intuitive assembly process and easy-to-understand instructions. You get all the tools you need to put it together and plenty of protective packaging as well, and best of all, there are very few screws to fiddle with- it’s a very smooth process.

The only issue here is the weight- the Hero clocks in at 30kgs, and moving it anywhere uphill is a bit of a hassle. We recommend moving the individual parts to the room you want them in before putting it together and take care during assembly that you aren’t putting too much stress on your back.


noblechair hero side view

Once you’ve got the Hero up and running, we can talk about the design. Noblechairs has a wide range of upholstery designs, some of which look very flashy, but we actually enjoy the more subtle black-and-gold aesthetic. It blends into office spaces as well as gaming ones, which makes it ideal for someone looking to complete a work-from-home setup.

Noblechairs has opted for a leather finish rather than the fabric look that’s become more popular recently, and this means that the stitching can stand out a bit more; it all results in a more professional-looking chair.

Flexibility while keeping stability is the name of the game here, and the Hero can be adjusted in just about any direction you can think of. We’ve got adjustable lumbar support and a great-feeling tilt system that never feels too soft. It comes with two comfortable pillows that attach to the headrest and back of the chair, and the armrests move upwards, inwards, and backward, although we have noticed this makes them slightly rickety.

Despite all these moving pieces, sitting in the Hero always feels extremely safe and stable. It’s a very well-grounded chair, and that weight we mentioned earlier makes it very stable, even if you like leaning back and spinning around a lot (like me). The seat itself is even big enough to sit cross-legged if you so wish.


Don’t let the weight of the Hero trick you into thinking it isn’t comfortable. We’ve been able to spend full days of work in this chair, and thanks to all the adjustable options, changing it depending on how you’re sitting is very easy. We also found it helps with posture quite a bit, which makes a day working from home a bit easier.

Overall we decided that the Hero finds a good balance between support and comfort, but buyers will be able to decide which they want to prioritize thanks to its accessories and flexibility.

The pillows that come with the Hero are attached using straps, which can make moving them around a bit difficult, but we found this didn’t detract too much from the overall experience.

Should you buy it?

For people looking to spend long amounts of time in the seat, whether it’s for a work-from-home setup or a gaming rig, the Noblechairs Hero is an easy recommendation. If you can look past getting a chair that’s slightly heavier than others on the market, this is a piece of kit that can adapt well to what you need it for and will last for a long time, even if you’re spending many hours a day in it.

The Verdict: 4/5

With a price tag of £379.99, which includes free shipping and all the accessories, gamers and workers can be confident that the money is going towards a chair that will last a while. The stability we’ve had with the Hero makes it a good chair to invest in for the long term.

Buy the Noblechairs Hero here

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