Asus ROG Destrier Ergo Gaming Chair review: Premium product for a premium price

Liam Ho
ROG Ally chairDexerto

The ROG Destrier Ergonomic Gaming Chair might be a bit of a mouthful, but its ergonomic design, comfort, and adjustability make it an absolutely stellar option in the high-end range.

If you’ve played video games for quite some time, you’re likely to know of the Republic of Gamers and their products. We were fortunate enough to get our hands on one of the elusive Destrier Ergo Gaming Chairs for review. Here’s what we thought.

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Destrier Instruction GuideDexerto
The Destrier comes with an easy-to-understand assembly manual, making setup simple.

Assembling the Destrier was an incredibly simple task. The instructions in the box clearly labeled each part and where they needed to be installed. On top of that, it was quite clear what each part was supposed to be when opening up the packaging, further aiding the process in making for a fast and easy setup.

The only personal issue we had with assembling the Destrier was simply due to the weight of the parts, a collective 24.65kgs. Separately most of it was manageable, but placing them together and needing to maneuver the increasingly heavy chair proved to be quite a task. So fellow feeble gamers be warned.

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It was definitely easier when placed on a flat surface with a ledge, however, which allowed us to offload a lot of the weight.


Design-wise the Destrier offers a sleek and clean aesthetic that really screams “gamer”, with the ROG logo on both the headrest pillow and the back of the chair. With that said, its simplistic design allows the chair to not be too cluttered, resulting in a super clean finish that looks professional and premium all the same. One you could get away with in an office setting or in a personal setup.

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Though there’s no denying this would be a dream fit for a futuristic gamer den with its cyborg-inspired visuals. However, it doesn’t stray too far out of the line to make it look gaudy in other locations either.

Destrier in Office SpaceDexerto
The ROG ASUS Destrier doesn’t look too out of place in a more office-like setting.

Another positive of the ROG Destrier is its wheels, which are designed to not scratch on wooden floors, eliminating the need for a chair mat.

One feature we found kind of useless was the acoustic panel which we felt didn’t really alter the experience whether we were leaning back into it or not.

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The acoustic panel fits near the headrest of the chair, the paneling is supposed to help reduce outside noise by giving more cover to the user. While the idea itself sounds fantastic, the panel is a bit too small to help reduce noise in busier settings. This feature is entirely optional, however, as you’re able to equip or remove the panel at will.

Destrier Acoustic PanelDexerto
While the acoustic panel may add to the Destrier’s aesthetic, the sound reduction features aren’t quite up to scratch.


The Destrier is easily one of the roomiest chairs we’ve personally had the pleasure of using. Personally, we’re not the widest frame but there’s more than enough space for us to wriggle about in the chair. The seat itself is completely unobstructed by the back part of the chair too, allowing you to sit as deep as you desire.

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The mesh on both the seat and back of the chair gives it far more leniency as well, meaning you’re not hard-pressed against a hardback while sitting down. This is perfect for when you’re sitting for more extended periods of time, which as gamers, we know all too well.

Destrier Adjustable ArmrestsDexerto
The adjustability of the Destrier is easily one of its biggest positives.

The Destrier also comes with adjustable lumbar support, armrests, depth, tilt, and height, meaning you can basically configure it to whichever way feels most comfortable to you. With the immense amount of adjustability, you can have your cake and eat it too with the Destrier.

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Being able to adjust the Destrier meant we could sit in multiple positions or adjust it as we saw fit. Whether that be raising the armrests to better suit a desk or tilting the chair back so we could sit further from the desk while relaxing and watching a video. Pair this with the comfortable material, and it’s clear the Destrier is a chair that’s suitable for any occasion.

Should you buy it?

Destrier ROG Gaming ChairROG ASUS
The ROG ASUS Destrier gaming chair is truly a fantastic option, if you can afford the price.

Whether or not you should purchase the Destrier Ergo Gaming Chair is ultimately a value proposition for each individual. If you’re in the market for a new chair, this is certainly a fantastic high-end option, but it’s worth remembering it is precisely that, a high-end product.

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Currently selling for $1,199 AUD (roughly $780 USD) the chair doesn’t come cheap, so definitely factor that into your decision.

Verdict: 4/5

Overall the ROG Destrier Ergonomic Gaming Chair is an excellent option for a high-end gaming chair. A highly adjustable, breathable chair that promotes a clean aesthetic without going overboard. It’s incredibly comfortable to sit in for long periods of time and feels exactly like the premium product ROG was going for.

Being priced at $899, it is a pretty steep entry point. However, if you do end up grabbing one, it’s unlikely you’ll be disappointed with the chair you receive.

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