Duelhawk Moonrock gaming chair review: Stylish with a firm focus on support

Duelhawk Moonrock chair pillow

Duelhawk is one of the newer brands to enter the ergonomic gaming chair scene with its Ultra series, and it’s clear that the fledgling company has hit the ground running.

Founded in 2020, Duelhawk is a newcomer in the gaming chair market, which is highly competitive, with the likes of DXRacer and Secretlab ruling the roost. Needless to say, Duelhawk has a steep mountain to climb. However, its efforts with the Moonrock gaming chair have left us pleasantly surprised. The Duelhawk Moonrock gaming chair introduces a blend of charm, comfort, and customizability that rivals even veteran brands.

With a relatively steep asking price of around £499 (or $559 at current rates), does the Moonrock manage to stack up against the stiff competition?

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As it typically goes with most gaming chairs, you do need to set the Moonrock up yourself. However, even the most hands-off person will be able to build this chair with few issues.

The well-packaged ultra-large box contained a detailed diagram of each piece, complete with large instructions on how to put it together. Along with the clear instructions came a pair of protective gloves and all the tools you need to set up your new chair.

Overall, it took about 45 minutes for a very inexperienced furniture builder to put the chair together, and it was incredibly simple to put it together. While we encountered a few frustrations along the way, it was up in a flash, thanks to the tools provided.

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With multiple levers and available adjustments, you can make this chair work around you.

Fabric ergonomic gaming chairs are rapidly becoming the norm and are incredibly popular. When taking a look and sitting on the Duelhawk Moonrock, it’s easy to see why.

The fabric is soft, clean, and feels premium to the touch. The standard textile design is complemented by a velvet-style trim that elegantly finishes the chair off while also making every element feel soft and embracing.

Along with the well-placed choice of material, the chair offers full lumbar support with an adjustable system to help protect anyone’s back from pain. With the support and adjustable elements in mind, the Moonrock comes with a vast array of levers and movable elements including a multifunctional tilt mechanism on the back, extremely versatile armrests, and a memory foam pillow that attaches itself via an elastic strap to the top of the chair.

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Despite all the additions and supportive elements encompassing the Moonrock’s design, the main element that stood out for us was the larger seat base. It’s deeper than many other gaming chairs and allowed us to sit however we wanted without being limited by space or armrests. The large seat base mixed with the soft fabric and high back forced me to be more engrossed in my games and made me forget about the firmness of the chair.


Duelhawk Moonrock chair pillow

It’s no secret that the Duelhawk Moonrock won’t make you feel like you’re sitting on a cloud. It’s firm, rigid, and aims to put you into the correct posture for long periods of gaming and working. However, as a lover of comfort over support, this chair made me reevaluate my perspective on how such comfort can be achieved.

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We were able to sit through eight hours of work a day along with evenings of intense and chilled gaming with little to no uncomfortable feelings and a notably good posture. This helped to take away much of the pain from sitting for most of the day.

The larger design allows for some freedom of movement, while the soft fabric ensures you always feel warm and comfortable when sitting on the Moonrock.

The only distinct flaw in the chair’s comfort is the memory foam pillow. It’s a solid pillow that uses a rather old-fashioned elastic strap, forcing it to stay high up on the chair. Due to the larger back and the inability to move the pillow lower down, it poses an issue for shorter gamers. This could be fixed by using a similar magnetic solution offered by chairs like the Secretlab Titan EVO 2022.

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Nevertheless, the pillow is still effective and the overall comfort feels considerably higher with it attached rather than without.

Should you buy it?

If support if one of your main priorities, as well as the clean and premium design then the Duelhawk Moonrock is the chair for you. If you like sitting on a cloud and maximizing comfort over everything else then this probably isn’t the best option.

Ultimately, the Moonrock feels like it gets a lot right. In 2022, when a variety of ergonomic gaming chairs are hitting the market, the Duelhawk Moonrock has really cemented itself into the competitive space, making it a chair to be desired by many.

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While the product gets plenty of elements right, there are certain aspects that are hard to look past and can be a dealbreaker for some, particularly shorter gamers or ones who prefer more comfort over support.

Moreover, due to the newer nature of the company, Duelhawk currently only ships out to the UK and most of Europe, so it’s not available in the US or the rest of the world yet. There is no word on whether this will change in the future so if you don’t live in the UK or Europe then this chair seems to be just out of reach.

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Coming in at £499 for the chair with free shipping included, the product feels like it’s designed for gamers who either work at home or spend long sessions at their desk. When analyzing the adaptability, support, and price of the Duelhawk Moonrock, this is a chair that has real potential, despite the outmoded pillow design and firm padding. While the Moonrock might be a good gaming chair, it doesn’t quite stack up to the likes of the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022.

The Duelhawk Moonrock gaming chair is available now.