These chocolate mushroom-shaped earbuds look good enough to eat

Rosalie Newcombe
Image of the Kinoko no Yama wireless earphones, shaped like the chocolate mushroom snack.

Meiji Co Ltd is branching out from Japanese snacks, and selling earbuds based around its popular chocolate mushroom-based snack.

Meiji Co Ltd is well-known in Japan, and across the world, for creating some of the cutest, and tastiest snacks. If you’ve ever seen a box of adorable Hello Panda chocolates on a local store shelf, that’s a Meiji Co Ltd product.

The brand is behind some of the most popular snacks in Japan. However, now the confectionary food giant is branching out into something different, with some chocolate mushroom-shaped wireless earbuds.

The earbuds are inspired by ‘Kinoko no Yama’, one of the brand’s most popular snacks, originally released back in 1975. The snacks, also known as ‘Chocorooms’ consist of milk and dark chocolate layered snacks, shaped like little mushrooms. To pay homage to the beloved snack, the earphones look almost identical to the real thing and even come with a snack box-themed case.

According to Meiji Co Ltd, the earphones can be used for music and phone calls and feature a touch, talk, and speaker mode. The speaker mode can provide real-time language translations, supporting languages from around 74 countries, including 70 different dialects and accents.

The Kinoko no Yama earphones will be available from the Makuake website from noon Japan time, on March 26. While they may look like a novelty, the earphones will cost 29,800 yen, which roughly converts to $196. Only 3,500 units will be created, each coming with its own serial number and certificate.

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