SteelSeries brings new Rapid Trigger feature to Apex Pro keyboard lineup

Dylan Horetski
SteelSeries Rapid TriggerSteelSeries

SteelSeries has updated its Apex Pro keyboard lineup with a new Rapid Trigger feature that brings faster actuation to their Omnipoint switches.

Over the last year or so, gaming keyboards have been undergoing a quiet revolution. New switch technology and software are being used to make optical and hall-sensing boards even faster than before.

Optical switches are quite popular, but brands like Wooting, Razer, Corsair and Higround have revealed even faster “performance” keyboard options with magnetic hall-effect style switches.

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SteelSeries has joined the race to create the fastest gaming keyboard with their new Rapid Trigger feature and new actuation adjustment options now available for all Apex Pro keyboards. The feature was first popularized by Wooting’s implementation in the 60HE, and bigger brands have now followed suit.

SteelSeries Apex Pro keyboards receive a big upgrade

SteelSeries claims that their new Rapid Trigger feature brings response time down to .54ms, which is over half the speed of Wooting’s popular 60HE keyboard.

Rapid Trigger allows you to customize the actuation and debounce of a switch, allowing you to essentially press twice (or more) without ever fully letting go of a key.

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We put the brand-new feature to use in popular games like Warzone and Valorant.

When paired with your preferred adjustments on the Omnipoint 2.0 magnetic switches, the Rapid Trigger mode’s faster response time made a significant difference in how quickly we were able to move around the map.

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SteelSeries Rapid TriggerSteelSeries

Making things even quicker, SteelSeries has increased the points of actuation to give users options between 0.1mm and 4.0mm.

To access Rapid Trigger and the new actuation adjustment levels for Apex Pro keyboards, update your SteelSeries GG software and install the new firmware for your keyboard.

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Once installed, head over to SteelSeries Engine, go to the actuation section of your keyboard settings and enable Rapid Trigger.

If you’re interested in trying out SteelSeries Rapid Trigger mode but don’t have a compatible keyboard, you can head over to Amazon to get your own.

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