Popular DJ Zedd signs with HyperX as their latest brand ambassador

Dylan Horetski
Zedd HyperX Ambassador Red

Internationally known DJ and music producer Zedd has signed with HyperX to become the latest brand ambassador for the company.

Since his debut album in 2012, 32-Year-Old Zedd has maintained his spot as one of the most popular DJs in the EDM scene.

He’s won dozens of awards for his music and has even played around with being a Twitch streamer during his career — amassing almost 50k followers on his channel.

While he hasn’t actively streamed for a couple of years, Zedd has maintained a social media presence with nearly eight million followers on Twitter.

Now, he’s signed with popular gaming company HyperX to become their latest brand ambassador.

Zedd becomes latest HyperX brand ambassador

Zedd HyperX ambassador
Zedd has signed with HyperX to become their latest brand ambassador.

On August 12, Zedd and HyperX announced that they have joined forces, with the internationally known music producer becoming their latest brand ambassador.

Through the relationship, HyperX will be his sole supplier for gaming audio and microphone accessories. In return, Zedd will design and promote several original product offerings, including custom limited edition headsets and peripherals similar to the company’s collaboration with TimTheTatman.

Beyond original products, HyperX and Zedd will partner together to bring gamers and music fans exclusive content as well.

“HyperX has supported my passion for gaming since we first connected via Twitter, several years ago,” said Zedd. “Their products are a major part of my gaming lifestyle and I am grateful for the ongoing support. I’m eager to kick off our collaboration, which dives much deeper than a typical partnership.”

Zedd signing with HyperX as a brand ambassador puts him alongside more than 25 other influencers, including football player JuJuSmith-Schuster, basketball players Gordon Hayward and Aerial Powers, Smash Bros pro Hungrybox, 100 Thieves co-owner Valkyrae, TikTok sensation Bella Poarch, and YouTube star TimTheTatman.