TimTheTatman x HyperX Collection Review: The gear you need to fall like a pro

Dylan Horetski
TimTheTatman HyperX Limited Edition Collection review

TimTheTatman has partnered up with HyperX to release a limited-edition collection of his favorite gaming hardware, but is it good enough for the Tatman Army?

On May 18, TimTheTatman became the first HyperX partnered influencer to receive his own custom-branded gear, and his fans are absolutely thrilled.

The four-piece collection features the gaming brand’s most sought-after products, hand-picked by the fall-damage king himself.

But can they withstand the same amount of torture? Or are they better left in the loot crate?

TimTheTatman HyperX Alloy Elite 2 Keyboard

Hyper X Alloy Elite 2 TimTheTatman
TimTheTatman’s limited-edition HyperX Alloy Elite 2 is fit for a king.

By far the biggest and flashiest piece of the collection is the keyboard — and at $139.99, it’s also the most expensive.

While sporting the Tatman’s iconic yellow ‘Triple T’ branding on the right side of the frame and spacebar, it also features beautiful yellow accent keycaps and a graffiti-esque splatter across the top that really brings everything together.

In terms of build quality, the HyperX Alloy Elite 2’s aluminum body provides a premium feel with virtually no flex as well as working together with the switches and keycaps to provide a typing sound that has been nothing but a pleasure to the ears. The media controls and volume wheel at the top of the keyboard provide useful additional features without making the keyboard feel gimmicky.

The switches are HyperX’s Red Linear option, perfect for quick and responsive keypresses. Alongside the more commonly known Cherry Red linear switches, the HyperX variant has a .2mm higher actuation point as well as the same adjustment in travel distance.

However, the keyboard’s braided USB cable is thick, heavy, and due to the features of the keyboard like its USB passthrough and RGB lighting, requires the use of two of your computer’s ports.

As a journalist that types roughly 70,000 words a week, though, this keyboard has been a godsend.

Rating: 8/10

TimTheTatman HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset

TimTheTatman HyperX Cloud Alpha
Although they’re wired, the TimTheTatman branded Cloud Alpha’s are among the top gaming headsets available.

As someone who’s been in the PC gaming scene for the better part of a decade, I’ve had my fair share of experiences with headsets. Believe me when I say the HyperX Cloud Alpha is my top choice so far, and TimTheTatman’s iconic branding makes it stand out from the crowd.

Unlike the branding on the keyboard, TimTheTatman’s choice of headset offers relatively subtle branding from the outside. It features his ‘Triple T’ logo on the earcups with matching yellow hinges alongside the HyperX logo on its durable aluminum headband.

The real party is on the inside, with the Tatman’s name covering the foam of the earcups.

Don’t worry — the headband is perfectly padded so members of the Tatman Army won’t get their own head dent. As someone with a big head that has had issues with headsets being too tight, I can confirm the clamping force is absolutely perfect.

The quality of the headband padding is directly proportionate to the earcups as well, offering memory foam that, paired with the headset clamping force, makes it easier to forget about, even after hours of gaming.

After thorough use, the only negatives are the volume and mute controls located on the detachable cable. In a world full of headsets and headphones that have these controls located on the earcup, it would be nice to see HyperX implement this on their next version.

All in all, at $109.99, the TimTheTatman Cloud Alpha headset should be at the top of every fan’s wish list.

Rating: 8/10

TimTheTatman HyperX Pulsefire Haste Gaming mouse

TimTheTatman Pulsefire Haste wired
When it comes to budget friendly, lightweight gaming mice… the Pulsefire haste wins by a landslide.

Quality gaming mice are the staple of just about every PC gamer’s setup, and the HyperX Pulsefire Haste checks all the boxes.

Following the subtle branding style of the headset, Betar’s Pulsefire Haste showcases his familiar yellow branding on the bottom and on the side and top buttons.

On the left side of the mouse, there is a monotone graffiti-style TimTheTatman logo alongside the company’s branding.

HyperX has provided a 59g gaming mouse, with a high-quality pixart sensor that is capable of up to 16,000 DPI (dots per inch) with dustproof switches that provide a beautiful feeling tactical click and sensitivity perfect for any game you throw at it.

The highlight of the mouse is its outer body. While the Pulsefire Haste does sport the same “honeycomb” style as just about every other lightweight mouse, HyperX has designed it to be the most sturdy and well-built option on the market. Just like the headset, it feels like it can withstand plenty of heavy usage – even a fall, perhaps.

On top of it being among the highest quality mice available — it’s extremely budget-friendly. At just $59.99 for the TimTheTatman version, it’s hard to turn this gaming mouse down.

Rating: 9/10

TimTheTatman HyperX Pulsefire Mat mousepad

HyperX Pulsefire Mat XL TimTheTatman Edition
While aeshetically the TimTheTatman branded mousepad is perfect, the surface makes it fall short.

Last but not least, TimTheTatman’s custom-branded XL mousepad. Also commonly referred to as a desk mat, the 900mm by 420mm HyperX Pulsefire Mat protects users’ desk’s from damage caused by moving the keyboard around, as well as a better response from gaming mice like the Pulsefire Haste, and it does a great job at doing so.

The $39.99 Pulsefire Mat showcases TimTheTatman’s iconic text logo that pops out as soon as you look at it with his “Triple T” logo front and center with quality stitching around the edges.

However, the positives stop there. The surface feeling on the Pulsefire Mat is scratchy, and just not generally comfortable for constant use — whether it’s a long stint in your favorite FPS or working at your desk for long periods of time.

While it hasn’t left marks on the inside of my arms after working all day, it does provide a bit of a “carpet burn” feeling after a few hours.

For a collector, TimTheTatman’s limited-edition mousepad is a no-brainer to buy. However, I hope HyperX goes with a smoother surface next time — if that time ever comes.

Rating: 4/10

For those who are interested in purchasing HyperX’s limited-edition TimTheTatman collection, head over to the company’s website.

Otherwise, head on over to our Tech hub for more gaming hardware news and guides.

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