Artesian Builds files for bankruptcy two months after Twitch giveaway scandal

Twitch: Artesian Builds

A difficult two months of controversy has seen Artesian Builds go through a spectacular downfall. The final nail has now been slammed into the coffin of Noah Katz’ business with the PC builders filing for bankruptcy. 

On March 1, PC builders and Twitch streaming company  Artesian Builds received public backlash, after company CEO Noah Katz, roasted a small streamer ‘Kiapiaa’ and refused to give her a PC she had rightfully won in a giveaway.

This led to the company being dropped by many of their sponsorship partners and unveiled a series of dodgy business practices within the company.

Now, as of April 28, Artesian Builds has officially filed for bankruptcy, putting an end to the dealings of the company, and their alleged shonky services. As was revealed in an email sent out to the company’s debtors.

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With filing for bankruptcy, the company and its sole holder, Noah, are no longer held to be accountable for any outstanding debts that have been incurred during the company’s existence.

This is a substantial amount of money. In the bankruptcy filing, it came to light that Artesian owes $450,000 to two PC parts sellers, as well as having over $200,000 in credit card debt.

Beyond this, there’s an unknown amount of unpaid overtime and leftover holiday pay for employees, some of which had been there since inception. As well as $1.37 million in unfulfilled orders.

Announcing a call to action for those who may be currently waiting on refunds or PCs that’ll never arrive, forms have been sent as this is now “the only chance to be made whole,” as streamers pointed out in the wake of this news.

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For those who aren’t sure where they stand, a meeting on May 16 was also announced for anyone owed money or goods by the company to make themselves known as part of the bankruptcy proceedings.

Summing up the feelings of many in the community around the speed with which Artesian collapsed, one user on Twitter aptly stated: “Crazy how one bad move can kill your whole company.” A solid reminder for anyone running questionable businesses.