Modder shows off killer life-sized Sniper Rifle PC case

Rebecca Hills-Duty
Juggapat Modifier sniper rifle PC case

A talented modder has crafted an impressive PC case that is the size and shape of a real-life sniper rifle as part of a contest held by PC parts manufacturer Cooler Master.

The PC modding community has been known to produce some impressive creations, especially when prizes are on offer. One example is the Cooler Master Case Mod World Series, which offers participants the chance to win up to $5000 by building an impressive PC case.

One of the creators involved in this contest is Juggapat Modifier, a modder from Thailand who is a well-known name in the PC modding scene thanks to his impressive creations, such as a PC case resembling a Gundam head.

His latest creation has been built to resemble a life-size sniper rifle. Decked out in Cooler Master’s distinctive colors of purple and black, Juggapat’s Sniper Rifle case seems to have been fitted with an ITX motherboard. It also has an impressive water-cooling setup located where the magazine would go on a real rifle.

Juggapat Modifier sniper rifle PC case

The sniper rifle PC case does not seem to have been specifically based on any one real-world rifle. Instead, it borrows elements from various guns, both real and fictional. The basic shape calls to mind the Barrett M82, while other parts may have been inspired by the sniper rifle from Halo.

In the comments on his Facebook page, Juggapat Modifier explained that the build cost somewhere in the region of 100,000 Thai Baht, which equates to roughly $2,700.

Cooler Master Case Mod World Series entrants can choose to submit to the Tower Build or Scratch Build categories and must provide extensive documentation of the build process. Entries will close to entries on June 7, 2024. Judging will occur between September 24 and October 18, with the final results announced on October 18.