PC builder makes custom water-cooled PS5 & we’re obsessed

Rosalie Newcombe
A screenshot from PidgyPCs "Water Cooled PS5 Build" YouTube video.

Custom PC builder PidgyPCs spent $2,500 to create their own ultimate PS5, ditching the loud fans for a water-cooling system.

Just like the dreaded console wars, the console vs gaming PC debate is never-ending. Especially as consoles like the PlayStation 5 move closer to the architecture of an average gaming PC. No matter what side you’re on, most can agree that PCs have the edge when it comes to customizability.

The PS5 can be modified, by swapping out its console covers, or adding a bigger SSD so you can download more games. However, it’s fairly limited compared to what you can do with a gaming PC.

But, PC Builder and YouTuber PidgyPCs, has proved that with a little bit of know-how, and a big budget, you can customize a PS5 to have a staple of many PC builds: water cooling.

In a recent video posted to their YouTube Channel, PidgyPCs outlined the impressive steps it took to add water-cooling to a PS5. The entire project cost $2,500 to put together, similar to building a high-powered gaming PC. However, PidgyPC wanted to create a unique custom PS5 “for the fun of it.”

As seen in the YouTube Video, PidgyPCs began the project by purchasing a disc-based God Of War Ragnarok Edition PS5 and upgrading its internal memory with a Nextorage 4TB M.2 SSD. This SSD was formatted ahead of time, as according to PidgyPC, water blocking the PS5 means losing access to both the eject and the power buttons. This also makes access to the SSD more complicated.

With the PS5 set up and SSD formatted, the core part of this project could begin. The internals of the PS5 were taken apart, piece by piece, including the main board and heat sink. The internals of the PS5 were later installed to an EK-QuantumX CoolingStation Monoblock, created specifically for the PS5, and then placed within a modified Corsair 2500x PC case.

To finalize the project, Thermaltake SWAFAN EX14 ARGB fans with an EK Quantum Surface 280mm radiator were added to the case for airflow. Alongside an EK Quantum Kinetic 240mm DDC pump, and Asus ROG Strix 850w power supply. To top it all off, an EK Navy Blue coolant was added to the modified PS5 to give the build a chilled look.

With no temperature probe involved in the project, the temps of the device on the PS5 couldn’t be recorded. However, PidgyPC stated in a post to r/PCMods that the coolant tempts sat at 35 degrees Celsius, after an hour of gaming in Marvel’s Spider-Man. The PS5 was “completely silent” after the water cooling mod, which is a pleasant change from a console notorious for its loud fan noise.

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