Modder builds gorgeous garden-themed PC case with real wood

Rebecca Hills-Duty
cozy garden pc case mod

A modder and Reddit user has crafted a beautiful wooden PC case that features an intricate diorama of a cozy garden scene.

There are many ways that a PC user can decide to customize their PC case. This usually involves rigging up RGB lighting, perhaps adding some decoration such as stickers or color-coordinated cables.

Some PC builders, however, take it to the next level, like Reddit user and modder Zanzaclese who crafted a stunning wooden PC case that features a cute little diorama.

The PC case was crafted from real wood, though Zanzaclese admitted that they knew very little about woodworking when they began the project.

cozy garden pc case mod

The PC case side and back were crafted to resemble a wooden cottage. The front is open, and below the looming components that make up the actual working parts of the gaming PC is a charming scene with grass, a stream, and a small stone house.

The cozy cottagecore scene has been carefully decorated and crafted. There’s a tiny house that could belong to a witch or wizard, trees and shrubs. To finish it off, there’s a little fake waterfall that appears to spill over the edge of the case.

It is not entirely clear what PC components Zanzaclese used to build this PC, though there is at least a fairly modern AMD Radeon graphics card and a substantial Be Quiet! CPU cooling fan involved, which makes it likely that this PC build is still capable of being a powerful gaming machine, despite its vaguely Hobbit vibes.

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