The Pokemon Company reveals next wave of official replica Pokeballs

pokemon love ball replica headerThe Pokemon Company / The Wand Company

The Pokemon Company, in partnership with The Wand Company, has announced its next wave of official replica Pokeballs starting with Generation 2’s Love Ball.

Pokemon has long been one of the highest-grossing media franchises of all time. While the video game series makes up a large source of its success, merchandise makes up the biggest portion of its sales.

As such, The Pokemon Company has a history of working with talented partners to create quality official merch, like their official Pokeball replicas crafted by The Wand Company.

Now, the two partners have announced the next wave of official Pokeball replicas coming in 2023, starting with Generation 2’s Love Ball just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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Pokemon unveils new official Pokeball replicas for 2023

pokemon love ball replica with caseThe Pokemon Company / The Wand Company
The Love Ball replica comes with a black display case and proximity-base lighting.

This Love Ball replica created by The Wand Company launched on January 11, 2023, as the first in a line of three more replica Pokeballs.

As Pokemon fans know, the Love Ball was first introduced in Pokemon Gold & Silver as one of Kurt’s signature Apricorn Pokeballs, which had a higher catch rate when used on Pokemon of the opposite gender as the one sent out by the trainer.

According to The Pokemon Company’s website, the Love Ball replica itself features a “die-cast metal shell and high-gloss lacquer finish” that features the classic pink-colored heart design from Generation 2 brought to life.

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Additionally, the replica comes with a black display case, a holographic plate featuring the Pokeball’s unique authentication number, as well as “proximity-sensing technology, enabling the front button to illuminate upon touch or motion detection.”

Interested trainers can purchase the replica at the Pokemon Center online store for $99.99 alongside other official replicas including the standard Poke Ball, Quick Ball, and Master Ball to name a few.

Fans interested in collecting every Pokeball replica can expect more on the way in the future as The Wand Company revealed the Dive Ball, Net Ball, and Luxury Ball will also release sometime in 2023.

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