Meta Quest VR headsets could get even faster thanks to brand-new feature

Sayem Ahmed
Meta Quest 3 VR headset and 2 controllers on a dark background

The Meta Quest 2 and Pro are some of the most popular VR headsets around, and thanks to a new feature named Quest Super Resolution, they could make games run smoother than ever before.

Running games on a small, isolated SoC is hard. It’s even harder when you are trying to attain framerates appropriate for VR content. Meta recently was able to boost the performance of their existing headsets thanks to running them at higher clock speeds. But, with VR games becoming more demanding than ever, and the Quest 3 on the horizon, Meta wants to squeeze every last drop of performance from their existing hardware to retain software compatibility.

Luckily, Meta has worked with chip manufacturer Qualcomm in order to boost performance on the headsets. The new feature is named Quest Super Resolution, or QSR, as Meta detailed in its blog.

What is Quest Super Resolution?

meta quest 3

The blog post claims: “Super Resolution is a VR-optimized edge-aware scaling and sharpening algorithm built upon Snapdragon Game Super Resolution with Meta Quest-specific performance optimizations developed in collaboration with the Qualcomm Graphics Team.”

Well, that’s all well and good. But, what does it actually deliver in terms of performance to users? We hear you ask. It’s simpler than you think.

Quest Super Resolution essentially takes an image rendered by the headset, and sharpens and upscales them to appear more detailed. In the areas that your eyes don’t usually focus on, such as the edges of the screen, QSR will also be able to enhance details in order to make games look better than before. Meta claims that this method is “2x faster” than their current sharpening algorithms present.

Though the increase in ingame performance will vary from title to title, the technology underpinning QSR will allow for games to run slightly quicker than before. Hopefully, this should allow the Quest 2 and the Quest Pro to extend their lifespans.