Meta Quest Pro might already be discontinued ahead of Quest 3 launch

A full shot of the Meta Quest ProDexerto

The Meta Quest Pro might already be being quietly discontinued as the company ramps up toward the release of the Meta Quest 3 this fall.

The Meta Quest Pro might have only been released last year, and with it came several revolutions for Meta’s most popular VR headsets. These included adding features like foveated rendering, lightweight pancake lenses, and more. But, a year onwards and several pricing changes later, the company might already be discontinuing the headset.

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This news comes courtesy of The Information, via VR expert Brad Lynch, who claims in a tweet that Meta is no longer ordering new components for the headset, and will not be manufacturing more once they run out.

But, Meta’s move to discontinue its $999 headset comes as no surprise. With the Meta Quest 3 right around the corner, the company might be wanting users to purchase the Quest 3 headset, instead of either of their ages headsets, instead. As the Metaverse seemingly flops, Meta is quickly scaling back much of its AR ambitions in the process.

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Meta wants you to buy the Quest 3

Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest 3 front designApple/Meta

The Quest 3 is looking like a mighty headset. In the information that we have currently accrued thus far, the headset will offer new controllers, a redesigned headset, and a golden price point of just $499.

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Being more powerful than the Quest Pro, at just half the price might have killed any reason for people to pick up the Quest Pro in the first place. We’re expecting to get more details on Quest 3 from Meta very soon. But, until then, you should expect a pretty high resolution per eye, in addition to pancake lenses on its LCD panel.

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The Quest Pro boasts some impressive features, and a premium design that we hope to see again in a successor. But, it’s likely that this will be a little while away from release as the company focuses on releasing the Quest 3 first.

It’s a pretty exciting year for VR, with headsets like the PlayStation VR2, Pimax Crystal and the Quest 3 all lined up for release, with Apple’s Vision Pro looming on the horizon. However, the one that most consumers will actually want to purchase will be the Quest 3.

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