Billet Labs says Linus only offered to pay for prototype after Gamers Nexus video

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Billet Labs Linus Sebastian

In a public statement on Reddit, Billet Labs says that Linus Sebastian didn’t offer to pay for the auctioned prototype cooling block until two hours after Gamers Nexus posted their video.

On August 14, Tech YouTubers Gamers Nexus posted a video calling out Linus Tech Tips over accuracy and ethical concerns.

One of the ethical concerns that Gamers Nexus went over is how Linus handled a prototype GPU cooling block from a small company called Billet Labs. It apparently was supposed to be returned to the company, but instead was auctioned off for charity.

Linus said in his response to the video that he had already agreed to compensate Billet Labs for the cost of the prototype. In a public statement on Reddit, however, Billet Labs says Linus didn’t make that offer until after Gamers Nexus uploaded their video.

Linus working with the Billet Labs prototype
Linus working with the Billet Labs prototype

Linus didn’t offer to pay until after Gamers Nexus’ video

On August 15, 2023, Felix and Dean of Billet Labs posted their public statement regarding Linus Tech Tips and the recent backlash involving their prototype.

“Regarding LTT, we are simply going to state the relevant facts. On 10th August, we were told by LTT via email that the block had been sold at auction. There was no apology. We replied on 10th August within 30 minutes, telling LTT that this wasn’t okay, and that this was a £XXXX prototype, and we asked if they planned to reimburse us at all,” they said.

“We received no reply and no offer of payment until 2 hours after the Gamers Nexus video went live on 14th August, at which point Linus himself emailed us directly.

“The exact monetary value of the prototype was offered as reimbursement. We have not received, nor have we asked for any other form of compensation.”

So, according to their statement, Linus hadn’t responded to any requests for reimbursement after allegedly selling their prototype without their permission until after Gamers Nexus mentioned the whole scenario.

They went on to say that they hope LTT implements the “necessary changes” to stop something like this from happening in the future.

We’ll keep you updated if any more information surfaces from the recent controversy surrounding Linus Tech Tips. In the meantime, you can head over to our Tech section for more coverage.

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