Elon Musk reveals that he’s paying for celebrities’ Twitter Blue subscriptions

Elon Musk on TwitterTwitter: elonmusk

The current CEO of Twitter and Tesla Elon Musk has revealed he is paying for certain celebrities’ Twitter Blue subscriptions.

Elon Musk is arguably one of the most controversial figures on the internet. The CEO of several companies including Tesla and SpaceX, the engineer has found universal love and hate, making waves across the internet through his widely followed Twitter account.

Musk seemingly loved Twitter enough that he ended up purchasing the company on October 27 last year. Since that time Twitter has had several ups and downs with Musk at the helm, going through tumultuous times with many users hating the changes made on the social media application.

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Throughout Elon’s time as CEO of Twitter, he introduced a revamp of the subscription service Twitter Blue. Part of this revamp gave users the ability to verify their account and gain the coveted verification tick, provided they were subscribed to the service.

However in that time, many have come to dislike Twitter, also dismissing their verification tick in the process. As such many influencers and celebrities have tried to drop the tick off their profile, with the legacy system being recently retired. Elon however has decided to keep the tick for some celebrities however, as he revealed in a response to a tweet.

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Elon confirmed this in a response to a post about rumors of him paying for celebrities’ Twitter Blue Subscriptions. “I’m paying for a few personally” the CEO replied.

Shortly afterward, Musk revealed in a response which celebrities he has sponsored Twitter Blue wise, listing off 3 different stars.

“Just (William) Shatner, LeBron (James) and (Stephen) King”. Musk stated.

Many Twitter users have made fun of Musk for doing so, with the original Tweet receiving over 4.7 thousand quote tweets with users bringing their opinion on the matter.

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Elon Musk has yet to respond to the comments made by users, but with how fast things change on Twitter, it may be likely we see no response at all.

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