Twitter rebranding begins as new logo appears for users worldwide

The X Logo on a black backgroudn with a pattern around itElon Musk

Twitter’s long-awaited rebrand is rolling out sooner than thought, with users worldwide finding an “X” logo in place of the iconic blue bird.

The sudden announcement of Twitter’s rebranding took many by surprise. Since Elon Musk’s initial announcement on July 23, the company is now rebranding to X, with a new logo in place of the iconic blue bird appearing on the social media app.

Twitter front-end with new X logo showcasing the Dexerto social media profile

Interestingly, the core domain for the renamed social media platform is still However, if you visit, you are redirected to the Twitter domain. It remains unclear when the company will be depreciating the Twitter domain name, in favor of its single-character rebrand.

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Elon Musk has tweeted that the new logo is plastered atop their headquarters, signaling the end of the previous brand name as we once knew it.

The new logo has been met with a mixed response

The response to the rebrand has been met with a mixed response at best, and has not yet rolled out to all devices. When checking the mobile app, the iconic Twitter logo is still present, on both iOS and Android. However, this could change with an imminent update. Additionally, it is unclear whether or not the apps will also simply be renamed “X”.

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Tweetdeck seems to have also dodged the initial stages of this rebrand, retaining its name and Twitter logos in its current live version. However, we’ll be keeping our eyes on when these changes inevitably take place.

Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino also tweeted “X is here! Let’s do this” several hours ahead of the changes being made. But, for now, it seems like only one part of the social media platform has actually rebranded, instead of a holistic change across apps and terminology.

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Tweets from Elon Musk claim that Tweets will be renamed “X’s” and Retweets are to be “Rethoughts”. However, this change in terminology has not been rolled out to the website or apps yet.

But, you can assume that seeing the new logo is just one step in a multiple-phase rebranding for the Elon Musk-owned platform.

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