iPhone 15 Pro already spotted with bulging battery from overheating

Joel Loynds
reddit iphone 15 pro buglingReddit user u/Leather_Cheerio_402

An iPhone 15 Pro has been spotted on Reddit with a huge swollen battery, furthering concerns surrounding the cooling of the new device.

The iPhone 15 Pro is an incredibly powerful device, capable of running major games like Resident Evil 4 Remake. It’s been reported multiple times since its launch that the device is susceptible to overheating.

Now, a Reddit user, u/Leather_Cheerio_402, has posted their new iPhone 15 Pro bulging from an expanded battery. It’s so bad, that the screen on the device is physically coming unglued from its original position.

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However, the ongoing issues surrounding the overheating iPhone 15 Pro devices appear to stem from the titanium material now being used. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, claims it is due to the physical build of the device and not the A17 Pro chip inside. In Apple’s search for a lighter weight, it appears that the company might not have put enough thought into heat dissipation.

iPhone 15 Pro posted to Reddit with potential fire hazard

iphone 15 pro bugling full imageReddit user u/Leather_Cheerio_402

In the post to the iPhone subreddit, the owner said:

“Picked up the phone on Monday and didn’t notice it then. Put on a case a couple days ago and noticed it didn’t fit right.

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“Was going order a new case but then realized the phone is actually swelling. Still works for now.”

The entire iPhone community on Reddit repeatedly urged the original poster to return the device quickly. An expanding battery can be extremely dangerous and cause fires if it were to explode. Thankfully, it appears that Verizon has offered to replace the device.

Some people speculate it had been damaged, but the user posted further evidence, suggesting that the iPhone was in otherwise pristine condition:

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One user who presumably works in an Apple store, claims that they don’t have any spare parts as of yet and all replacements are just full device swaps:

“Our store doesn’t have even have replacement parts yet, only full replacement phones!!

“Over the weekend even minor repairs like broken glass were getting full unit swaps.”

This is the first report of its nature that has gone public. With the issue materializing shortly after the handset’s launch, it sets a grim precedent for Apple.

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