Chess content explodes on YouTube with over 4 billion views in 2023

Michael Gwilliam
gotham chess with botez sisters

Chess content has blown up in a big way on YouTube as the platform revealed the stunning amount of views the category has received so far in 2023.

During the global health scare, chess content exploded on Twitch and YouTube, in large part due to the success of Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit.

However, the popularity of chess has continued with plenty of big-time streamers capitalizing on the board game’s resurgence such as The Botez Sisters, GM Hikaru and Gotham Chess.

In 2023, chess content has reached staggering levels with YouTube revealing videos about chess have been viewed over 4 billion times so far this year.

YouTube chess content reaches 4 billion views in 2023

In a YouTube blog post discussing trends, the site revealed how popular chess has become and the unique ways content creators have incorporated the game into videos.

Citing videos featuring comedians in India and Ludwig’s chess boxing spectacle, YouTube praised “modern creative techniques” to get the most out of such an iconic game.

GothamChess educational youtuber
GothamChess is a great help for learning the game inside and out.

“This interest in strategy board games is something we are seeing pick up in other places of the world too. In Japan, for example, the chess-like game, Shogi, has experienced a resurgence, earning over 350M views this year,” YouTube explained.

YouTube isn’t the only platform benefiting. Twitch has also seen some big views around chess content, especially with the PogChamps tournament series where top streamers compete against each other with a lot of money on the line.

It will be interesting to see if this chess boom eventually fades, but for now, the category is absolutely thriving.

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