Verizon support struggling to keep up as viral Twitter spam targets random NASA post

Liam Ho
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Verizon’s Twitter Support team has been put to work recently with a shocking influx of requests about billing on… you guessed it, the comment section of an “Amazing Astronomy” post.

Twitter is truly the heart of where all social discourse takes place, individuals of all statuses look to Twitter as an outlet to discuss politics and economics, all the way to movies and gaming.

Twitter users have seemingly combined both the telecommunications space as well as the astronomy space all in one post, however, by simply referring to their Verizon bills on an innocuous tweet about space programming.

“That looks like my Verizon bill”, is a statement all too commonly heard by Verizon support agents, as Twitter users flooded the comment section of Amazing Astronomy‘s post.

This has prompted a mass response from Verizon Support agents, as they struggle to reply to the spam of Twitter users trolling the astronomy appreciation post.

It appears that each time a user posts something similar to the “That looks like my Verizon bill” joke on the post, it causes a Verizon employee to respond and address the user’s concerns.

Obviously, the users don’t actually have a problem with their Verizon bill and aren’t taking it seriously, but the Verizon team very much has to and is struggling to keep up with the sheer number of users posting. At the time of writing, the random tweet has been seen almost 20 million times, with almost 30,000 Twitter users retweeting it themselves to share the comedy around.

To make matters worse, the post has become massively viral as a result, with more and more users quote retweeting it instructing people to look at the replies which will surely cause more chaos to ensue.

Feel free to take a look for yourself, but maybe don’t bring up your internet bills if you actually do need assistance.

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