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How to watch Apple ‘One More Thing’ event stream

Published: 3/Nov/2020 14:22

by Jacob Hale


Just a few short weeks after revealing the highly anticipated new iPhone 12 range, including the iPhone 12 Mini and Pro variations, Apple are running yet another reveal event promising fans “one more thing.” Here’s how you can tune in and find everything new with Apple.

“One more thing” is clearly a reference to Steve Jobs’ famous line that he would often drop at the end of his Apple keynote speeches, saving the biggest and best announcements until the end to give fans something to get excited about.

While the iPhone continues to be one of Apple’s key products, they’ve got the announcement of the latest line out of the way, with most models now already in the hands of customers, with the iPhone 12 Mini and Pro Max available for preorder on November 6.


With their smartphones out of the way, Apple are turning their attention to their other products with their upcoming event, and most people believe it will be related to the new line of MacBooks — especially if this nifty personalized invite is hinting at what’s to come.

Apple ‘One more thing’ event start time

Many Apple users will have received email invites to livestream the upcoming event, which is currently scheduled to take place on November 10 at 10 am PDT/ 1 pm ET/6 pm GMT/7pm CET.

It will be streamed live from Apple Park, as detailed in the image below.

Apple one more thing event November 10
The Apple Event takes place on November 10.

How to watch the Apple Event stream

As always, this event will be streamed straight from, likely offering fans to check out products and possibly even pre-order as soon as the stream ends.


Alternatively, the event will also be broadcast live on YouTube, and we’ve embedded the stream right here so you can get straight into the action.

Rumors and what to expect

As mentioned before, with the iPhone 12 already announced, the next big thing for Apple to reveal has got to be their upcoming line of Macbooks.

Related News

Earlier in 2020, the company revealed that their Mac products would be using Apple Silicon chips going forward, doing everything in-house rather than relying on Intel processors.

Obviously, we don’t have a lot to go off, but most seem to believe that at least one new iMac or Macbook using the new Apple Silicon chip will be announced on November 10, so those could be coming sooner rather than later — whether it’s a Macbook Pro, Air, or something new altogether.


It’s impossible to know exactly what’s coming on November 10, especially without any reliable leaks making their way into the public, but based on the ‘one more thing’ reference, it’s definitely going to be something to get excited about.