Elon Musk shuts down “doxxing” concerns after streaming a drive to Mark Zuckerberg’s house

Jeremy Gan
Elon Musk at Mcom

Elon Musk has attempted to shoot down “doxxing” concerns after streaming a partial drive to Mark Zuckerberg’s house, in an X (formerly Twitter) broadcast meant to show off Tesla’s new self-driving AI upgrades. 

During a 45-minute livestream from Elon Musk, the former Twitter CEO showed off Tesla’s new demo of its latest Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta software.

In this broadcast, Musk violated Tesla’s own rules on active driver supervision by streaming and interacting with viewers in the driver’s seat, he was forced to intervene with the AI at a traffic light, and he seemingly doxxed Mark Zuckerberg. 

The stream was intended to showcase v12 of Tesla’s FSD, which is not yet available to the public, however, in the middle of the stream, he decided he wanted to drive to Mark Zuckerberg’s house. 

At the 25:30 mark on the stream, as first highlighted by The Verge, Musk talked about going back to Tesla’s headquarters, however, a companion in the car suggested they could drop by Mark Zuckerberg’s house to ask about the fight. 

‘The fight,’ which became a publicized affair, saw Musk challenge Zuckerberg to a real MMA contest, which Zuckerberg agreed to, however, according to Zuckerberg the fight fell through as Musk had not confirmed a date for their cage match, among other complications. 

Musk proceeded to Google the location of Zuckerberg’s house, which was on full display to viewers when it showed up on the car’s monitor.

“We can knock on the door or whatever… We’ll say hi, we’ll be friendly. It’s just a blank inquiry as to whether he would like to engage in hand-to-hand combat,” Musk said in the stream.

“We’re at least going to where Google says Zuckerberg lives. I don’t think this really can be considered doxxing if we just Googled his house,” Musk said of his streamed drive to Zuckerberg’s house. 

The address Elon was directed to is Zuckerberg’s Palo Alto home. Musk would eventually arrive at the Palo Alto address, however, decided to not knock on the door and left the street to head back to Tesla’s headquarters.

Musk has already said in the past that he was going to do this live on stream, with Musk already planning to showcase Tesla’s new FSD and use it to drive to Zuckerberg’s house. 

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