Dream, Alinity & more roast Elon Musk for telling Twitch streamers to switch to X

Michael Gwilliam
elon musk and dream against a purple background

Elon Musk was quickly mocked by Dream, Alinity, Ludwig, and other popular content creators after urging Twitch streamers to move their broadcasts to X.

Elon Musk has been streaming quite a bit on X, formerly known as Twitter, ever since he acquired the platform. His Diablo 4 broadcasts, for instance, were a massive hit with millions of users watching him play through the game.

On May 20, Musk tried to hype up the platform’s live streaming capabilities and attract more creators to try it out, but quickly came under fire when he criticized Twitch in the process.

In his post, he posted a Simpsons meme of Smithers and Mr Burns approaching a building with the Twitch logo along with the words “perhaps there’s some video game streams in here” underneath. Instead, it’s just a strip club, poking fun at Twitch’s struggle to police hot tub broadcasts and other adult content on the site.

However, the meme was quickly mocked by streamers and X users alike because of how much inappropriate content is spread on the social media platform through bots.

YouTuber Dream was one of the first to mock Elon, quoting many bot accounts by replying “N**ES IN BIO.”

dream roasts elon musk
Dream instantly roasted Elon Musk over adult content on X.

Hasan also took issue with Musk calling out Twitch by referencing the common bot reply alerting users to adult content in their bio.

Alinity replied with a video from one of her streams where she twerked against a wall. “Best gameplay on Twitch here,” she joked.

Twitch streamer Cohh Carnage was much more blunt in his criticism of Musk’s site, commenting: “Elon is posting about a bunch of sexual content on a platform that he doesn’t think should be there. The real joke here is he isn’t talking about Twitter.”

“The idea you should stream on Twitter [because] there’s less sexual content is insane,” Ludwig chimed in.

Meanwhile, MoistCr1TiKaL fired back calling Musk a “goober,” joking that the X owner has “never gone into the replies on a single tweet in the last six months.”

Not everyone was against Musk urging streamers to make the jump to X, though. Twitch’s AmericanDadLive seemed willing to try it out if a few conditions were met.

“Allow us to monetize the streams, remove bots, and create good discoverability,” he said. “I’m in.”

Fitness influencer Knut also seemed intrigued by Elon’s post by quote-tweeting the meme and replying “Based.”

It does seem like X might need to take further action against its bot problem before more streamers take him up on the offer.

Back in January, Elon revealed his plans to take on Twitch through aggressive monetization plans to give creators the full revenue for advertisements in broadcasts.

Twitch isn’t the only site Musk wants X to compete with. He has previously suggested it could be a good alternative to YouTube and even got Mr Beast to upload some of his older videos on the site to see how its revenue would stack up against YouTube’s monetization.

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