Elon Musk reveals plan to take on Twitch with X livestream monetization “perks”

Michael Gwilliam
elon musk reveals X live streaming plans

Elon Musk has revealed his aggressive monetization plans for X to compete with Twitch, Kick, YouTube, and other streaming platforms.

Since buying Twitter, Elon Musk has been on a mission to transform the social media site, rebranding it to X and instilling multiple features to mixed results.

One area that seems promising, however, is live streaming with Elon himself frequently broadcasting Diablo 4 gameplay to thousands of viewers.

During a recent stream, Musk announced how X will compete with big streaming sites and incentivize creators to choose on his platform due to its big monetary rewards.

Elon Musk confirms X revenue-sharing plan to compete with Twitch

According to Fortune, Musk intends for X to give streamers the full revenue for advertisements in broadcasts.

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Elon Musk has big plans for X streaming.

“Any advertising that’s in your replies, so if you were to post a stream, any advertising that’s in the replies, you get all the previous… all the advertising revenue. So sometimes that can be quite a lot,” the Tesla CEO said.

In addition to the ad revenue, Elon Musk further revealed that X would be “definitely adding tipping” and paid subscriber plans, but it seems to still need some ironing out.

Musk explained that the plan is to let streamers choose if they want to have subs or not and gave the example of a viewer paying just one Euro a month, but it may depend on the streamer to set the amount themselves.

“You can choose how much, but it’s like, I think one of the perks is like, you can even restrict the chat, or some of the chats, to be just subscribers. So then, you know, the advantage is that somebody subscribing then, they get to chat.”

With Kick and Twitch locked in a heated rivalry, X entering the fray would bring even more competition to the streaming space, especially with its planned perks.

Currently, Twitch offers a 50/50 revenue split for subscribers while Kick changed the game by offering a 95/5 split, but it seems like X could end up being the best option for those with large followings already.

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