Elon Musk plans to regularly stream games on X & Baldur’s Gate 3 could be next

Jake Nichols
Elon Musk Baldur's Gate 3

Elon Musk has recently taken the internet by storm with his gaming livestreams. In his latest stream, Musk reached more than 915,000 concurrent viewers while playing Diablo 4 and hinted that Baldur’s Gate 3 might be on his gaming radar next.

Since taking over Twitter in October 2022, Musk has made significant changes to the platform now known as X, one of which includes testing its new gaming livestream feature. This feature was showcased when Musk broadcasted his Diablo 4 gameplay to millions of viewers on his personal account ‘IWillNvrDie’ earlier this week.

Now, Musk has returned with yet another Diablo 4 stream to not only test the capabilities of X streams but also share his passion for gaming with the world, “It’s been a blast playing Diablo. I might try Season 2, see what that’s like. I was thinking of trying Baldur’s Gate 3 and a few other things… I heard Baldur’s Gate 3 is amazing.”

“When I’ve been working all day, I actually find video games to be a stress relief… killing demons in a video game kills the demons in my mind.” He also highlighted the social aspect of gaming, noting that it’s a way to connect with friends across the world.

Musk’s venture into streaming on X has not been without its challenges. A previous stream, which was broadcasted from his main account with over 158 million followers, experienced technical issues. The screen flickered, and Musk’s voice was pitched higher than usual. However, Musk took these issues in stride, commenting that they would be “easy to fix.”

And those issues appeared to be fixed during the most recent stream, as Musk had no problems streaming his Diablo 4 gameplay to more than 900k concurrent viewers at one stage. But even still, Musk didn’t want to jump the gun, saying, “Definitely not trying to say this was aces just yet, but it’s cool that it works at all… Congrats to the X dev team for making rapid improvements in less than a week.”

As for the future of streaming on X, Musk revealed, “We’re adding streaming for Xbox and for PS5… I think we can be the best generalist app. And there’s some value to being a generalist app for discovery and for interacting with the largest number of people in the world”.

While X continues to build on its live stream capabilities and offerings, Musk plans to stream “once a week or every couple of weeks” and sees video games as a way to combine work and play.

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