Get $200 off an ASUS TUF RTX 4080 graphics card at Amazon right now

nvidia rtx 4080 with an arrow pointing at it saying "200 dollars off"

The Asus TUF RTX 4080 can be had for up to $200 off its listed MSRP at Amazon right now, bringing the GPU down to MSRP pricing.

The latest RTX cards have gotten off to a rough start with pricing. While Nvidia has tried to get the prices back to “normal”, it seems that the MSRP being “suggested” has gone largely ignored by some manufacturers and retailers. However, not all is lost, as the 4070 Ti and 4080 are both reduced for a short time over at Amazon and Newegg.

Grab $200 off an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080

RTX 4080 Founders Edition DesignDexerto

The headliner here is the RTX 4080 being reduced by 14% over Amazon. We’ve double-checked and it’s the lowest price you’ll find for this particular model of Asus TUF GPU at the moment. It usually sits around $1400 but can be grabbed for $1199.99 right now.

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Asus’ TUF line of graphics cards might not be quite as premium as its Strix-based brethren, but they offer great cooling that is often on par with the Founders Edition models of graphics cards.

We’re unsure how long this particular deal will last, but tracking over the last few weeks has revealed that this pricing doesn’t last particularly long. You’ll have at most a week to pick up the GPU. It’s also fascinating to see GPUs in stock after the last few years spent looking at greyed-out, out-of-stock buttons.

Get an RTX 4070 Ti deal at Newegg

RTX 4070 Ti Gigabyte Gaming OCDexerto

While not as good as Amazon’s deal, the Newegg deal is a great way to slip into the current generation of hardware. There’s $70 off an RTX 4070 Ti from Gigabyte. The deal requires you to use the code JMPCQA4264 at checkout.

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In our reviews for the 4070 Ti, we found that if the price was made just that little bit sweeter than what it’s currently being offered, it could be a great middle-of-the-road option. Hopefully, we should be seeing more frequent discounts on the RTX 40-series GPUs in the future.

It’s part of Newegg’s current sale, “Take a Jump & Save”. Other highlights include a neat $900 off last-generation Razer Blade 14 laptops, which feature a plump Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti and AMD’s 6900HX inside.

The Razer Blade 14 on a colourful backgroundRazer

Even though this laptop is “last gen” it’s still a beast in a 14-inch housing. It’ll tear through games for at least the next few years, and if you’re into esports, it’s going to be your on-the-go companion thanks to the 165Hz panel.

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We’re huge fans of the Razer Blade lineup, having recently reviewed the latest Blade 16 and its previous brethren, the Blade 15 from 2022.

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