Street Fighter 6 tournament forgets to turn off nude Chun-Li mod risking Twitch ban

Michael Gwilliam
nude chun-li mod at tournament

A Street Fighter tournament may have risked a Twitch ban after accidentally streaming with a nude Chun-Li mod enabled during the broadcast.

Street Fighter 6 has become a hit with players and as such, there’s already been plenty of tournaments for fans to compete in.

On July 31, Corner2Corner was hosting its third tournament of the season, but no one was quite expecting the broadcast to feature fighters without any clothing at all.

The start of a match between Lensta and Packz had to be taken off-stream after the broadcast accidentally aired a modded version of the game where Chun-Li seemed to have misplaced her garments.

Street Fighter 6 tournament accidentally uses nude Chun-Li mod

Right as Round 1 began, the commentators tried to keep it together as Chun-Li showed up on screen, sans clothing.

Luckily, the battle didn’t last too long, as the broadcast quickly moved away from the match and to a bracket screen instead.

modded street fighter
Players and casters had no idea a modded Chun-Li would appear.

“That’s an interesting Chun-Li costume there,” one of the casters giggled.

“Keep in mind, Street Fighter 6 is an 18+ game,” the other joked, still in shock at what he witnessed.

While the clip and VOD have now been deleted, Twitch’s rules suggest that Corner2Corner could be banned over the modded content.

The site’s community guidelines state: “Custom gameplay or visual modifications that include nudity or sex content, including uncensored patches, in otherwise allowed games are prohibited.”

At the time of writing, however, the channel hasn’t been suspended and the tournament is ongoing. We’ll have to wait and see if Twitch decides to take action.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time a fighting game tournament had this issue. Last year, a Smash Ultimate event featured an uncensored Mythra mod on stream sparking a debate within the game’s community.

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