What is the Chun-Li filter on TikTok? Users risk ban with viral trend

Connor Bennett
Screenshot of TikTokers with Chun-Li images on screenTikTok

TikTok has become a little bit obsessed with a new filter that’s all about the iconic Street Fighter character Chun-Li. However, you should tread cautiously if you want to use it. 

Over the last few years, as TikTok has become ingrained in many social media users’ daily routines, it’s created a whole host of viral trends. Some have stuck just on TikTok, while others have spread out onto other platforms. 

Many of the ones that stay on TikTok center around different filters. These filters can make it so your video looks like you’re falling through the sky, have you taking part in a quiz, or just give yourself a makeover. 

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Most recently, a number of popular filters have popped up around brackets. You pick your favorite thing by tilting your head to either the left or right to choose. However, the Chun-Li filter, that’s created some issues. 

What happened to the Chun-Li filter on TikTok?

If you’re a bit in the dark about the Chun-Li filter, well, it’s a bit simple. Art of the Street Fighter character pops up and forces the user to make their pick as to which one they prefer. 

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However, as some have found out, once you make your initial choice, things can go a bit pear-shaped. In some cases, an explicit image of Chun-Li will pop up before you’ve had time to really flesh out your bracket, which could land you in hot water.

A similar filter also did the same thing by showing an explicit image, but instead you pressed on the screen instead of moving your head.

As TikTok’s own guidelines state, nudity is not allowed on the platform in any case. So, while it may just be an ‘image’ of the iconic video game character, it still goes against the platform’s rules. 

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The original filter has been struck down by TikTok and new videos can’t be created, though, many of the previously posted videos still remain up. 

As we’ve seen before, someone may try and recreate the filter, but users should still keep an eye out and be wary of it.

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