Smash Ultimate tournament uses “uncensored” Mythra mod on stream sparking debate

Michael Gwilliam
mythra uncensored in smash ultimate

A local Smash Ultimate tournament in Philadelphia is accused of being “shameless” for having pro ‘Tweek’ play with an uncensored Mythra mod on stream.

Prya/Mythra were one of the final DLC fighters released for Smash Ultimate. Their transform mechanic, which effectively made them two characters in one, was well-received by fans, but something felt missing for those familiar with the Xenoblade series.

When Mythra was revealed, Sakurai and the Smash developers changed her design slightly to “cover up” some of the sword-wielders skin, much to the chagrin of Xenoblade enthusiasts.

To undo this travesty, some players have modded their games to “uncensor” Mythra – and one such mod actually ended up being used during CN:B-Airs #338 broadcast on Twitch.

Smash community reacts to uncensored Mythra mod

During Smash pro Gavin ‘Tweek’ Dempsey’s run at the tournament, he opted to use Pyra and Mythra, meaning that the uncensored fighter models were shown during the later rounds of the event.

As such, viewers were quick to notice and made several posts about the character model on social media.

“This local had the uncensored Mythra mod on their stream setup,” one commented. “SHAMELESS.”

On Reddit, users remarked how after seeing the uncensored version they understood why Nintendo chose to censor it for Smash.

“I mean I knew they had to change her outfit for Smash, but I thought she actually had an outfit before,” another said. “No freaking wonder they censored it. I’m surprised Nintendo let them get away with that even before Smash.”

Others, however, wished that more tournaments would use mods. “Imagine how hype a super major would be if on Sunday, everyone in top 8 could use a custom skin,” a player suggested.

It seems like the community has no shortage of opinions regarding the mod and Tweek has yet to comment on it, despite using it while placing first at the event.

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