Street Fighter 6 community divided as Juri shoes mod conceals “foot fetish” move set

Carver Fisher
Juri shoes mod Street Fighter 6

Juri’s been a hot topic within the Street Fighter 6 community, particularly when it comes to the prominence of her feet in her fighting moves. Now that a popular mod gives her Jordans, the community is divided on whether or not concealing her feet was the right move.

When it comes to building a fighting game roster, creating a diverse set of playstyles for each character is essential. Between Grapplers, Zoners, Rush-down characters, and many other archetypes, modern fighting games have more variety than ever.

As such, there are those who fight in some less-than-traditional ways. Juri’s method of fighting is all about kicks, with her signature moves featuring her flipping around and grabbing others with her legs. As such, her feet are right in Street Fighter 6 players’ faces at all times when playing against her.

So, a modder created some Juri-themed Jordans for those who aren’t as keen on seeing Juri’s feet all the time. While it was heralded as a victory against her “foot fetish” move set for some Street Fighter players, others are vehement in their rebellion against Juri’s feet getting covered up.

Street Fighter 6 mod gives Juri shoes to “win” foot fetish battle

There are people out there that really like feet. From websites entirely devoted to finding the feet of celebrities and influencers to people regularly blurring their feet in social media posts, people’s public-facing interest in feet has gone up exponentially over the past decade or so.

It’s at the point where foot-focused content is a ban-worthy offense on streaming platforms like Twitch. With Juri’s feet being such a central part of her presentation, it’s no surprise that she’s controversial.

A mod that gives her some rather stylish Nikes has been making the rounds on Twitter. Some are heralding these shoes as the thing that saves the character for them, while others demand her feet be free and are calling this mod a “mistake”.

In a tweet that has over a million views at the time of writing, SF6 modder Mr.Morritos3D’s “Juri wearing Jordans” mod has gone viral in the community and has caused a great deal of discourse.

With dueling Goku reaction memes being flung back and forth, things are getting heated on Street Fighter Twitter. It’s unclear how many foot advocates are just joking or are really that passionate about Juri’s feet. Nonetheless, Juri’s Jordans have created a massive debate in the community.

It’s important to note that this is purely a mod at this point, but many players wish there was an option to give her shoes normally to grant players on console some more options.