Street Fighter 6 tournament apologizes for using nude Chun-Li mod on stream

Michael Gwilliam
street fighter 6 tournament uses nude chun li mod

A Street Fighter 6 tournament host has removed a nude Chun-Li mod after accidentally broadcasting a match with it enabled live on Twitch.

On July 31, a Street Fighter tournament host Corner2Corner loaded up a match between two players without realizing that a completely nude mod of Chun-Li had been left enabled.

Clips of the whacky incident soon went viral, leaving players completely baffled that the event forgot to turn off the mod prior to the tournament, potentially even risking a Twitch ban.

In the aftermath, Corner2Corner apologized for the mishap and revealed that the mod had been deleted to prevent further complications in the future.

Nude Chun-Li mod removed from Street Fighter 6 tournaments

In a thread on X, Corner2Corner revealed that the issue was due to the host’s PC streaming the match and was not the fault of any of the players involved.

“We hugely regret that this happened, Corner2Corner is a project run for no profit, everyone working free week in week out to support the FGC. Any negativity towards any players as a result of this genuine mistake is unacceptable and that is why we are making this statement,” they explained.

There had been some confusion originally, with some suggesting that either Lensta or Packz, the two competing on stream, were the ones who had the mod installed, but that has since been debunked for good.

Furthermore, the tournament vowed that nothing like this would happen again now that the mod had been removed.

“We ask for understanding from the excellent community that we are all a part of,” Corner2Corner concluded.

Amazingly, this isn’t the first time something like this happened during a fighting game tournament. In 2022, Smash Ultimate pro Tweek competed in an event using an uncensored Mythra mod on stream which sparked some debate in the community.

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