Chun-Li takes on Yor in Street Fighter 6 & Spy x Family crossover trailer 

Scott Baird
Yor fighting Chun-Li in Street Fighter 6 Spy x Family crossover

Yor Forger and Chul-Li clash for the first time in an explosive animated trailer for the upcoming Street Fighter 6 crossover with Spy x Family.

The Street Fighter series is no stranger to crossovers, with its characters mingling with Marvel comics and the Super Smash Bros. series and facing the cast of Tekken. Street Fighter’s Ryu might hold the record for the most crossover appearances of any fighting game character.

That being said, it’s rare for characters to cross over into Street Fighter, save for people from other Capcon games that were added to Street Fighter canon, like the Final Fight cast. Big franchise crossovers are more of a Mortal Kombat or Super Smash Bros. thing.

One thing Street Fighter has embraced in the past few games is costume crossovers, where outfits from different games are available as DLC. This happens a lot with outfits from different Capcom games, though other franchises will appear from time to time.

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Yor & Chun-Li class in animated trailer for Street Fighter 6 crossover with Spy x Family

The official Street Fighter 6 YouTube channel has uploaded an animated short to promote the game’s upcoming crossover with Spy x Family Code: White. The trailer features Chun-Li battling Yor Forger, also known as the Thorn Princess, who is a trained assassin and one of the protagonists of Spy x Family.

The trailer features Yor and Chun-Li battling on an even footing, ending with the two clashing with kicks. Compared to a lot of popular anime characters, Yor is actually a great fit for the Street Fighter universe and would have made a fine addition as a crossover character.

The actual Street Fighter 6 & Spy x Family is set to begin on January 9, 2024, but it won’t involve Yor joining the roster. It will likely involve costumes for existing characters and gear for the Avatar hero used in certain modes.

Based on the trailer, there’s a good chance that Chun-Li will receive a Yor outfit. This would likely be pricey, however, based on recent Capcom controversies over Street Fighter 6 outfits, which have soured a lot of fans’ opinions of the game.