Stellar Blade Blue Monsoon location: Where to find bikini suit

James Busby
Stellar Blade bikini outfit

The Stellar Blade bikini outfit (Blue Monsoon) is one of 30 skins that players can unlock in their playthrough, but this summer-themed cosmetic can be tough to find. So, here’s exactly how you can get the bikini outfit in Stellar Blade. 

Stellar Blade features 30 different outfits for players to track down and wear, all of which drastically change how Eve looks. However, not every cosmetic is easy to find and one such example is the Stellar Blade bikini, otherwise known as Blue Monsoon. 

This beach-ready gear is the perfect accompaniment for those who wish to soak up the sun in the game’s Wasteland and Great Dessert locations. Of course, adding it to Eve’s wardrobe is easier said than done, so our Stellar Blade bikini location guide will ensure you don’t miss out on this cosmetic. 

How to get Stellar Blade bikini outfit 

Stellar Blade Great Desert map
The Stellar Blade bikini suit is found in the Great Desert.

Stellar Blade’s bikini outfit is found in the southeastern section Great Desert, which we have pinpointed on the map above. The swimsuit will appear as a marker on your map if you have accepted the ‘Precious Treasure’ side quest. This quest will task Eve with locating a treasure chest that contains the bikini. 

Look for the collapsed overpass in the Great Desert, and keep a lookout for the section with the abandoned yellow bus. Once you’ve found the yellow bus on the overpass, use your blaster to destroy the explosive barrels to the right of the vehicle

Eve aiming her gun at barrels
Shoot the explosive barrels next to the yellow bus.

The subsequent blast will send the bus toppling down, forming a makeshift bridge that you can now use to cross to the other side of the overpass. Simply run across the bus and claim the first treasure chest you see on the right. 

This chest will reward you with Advanced Nano Elements, Advanced Polymer Materials, and an SP Initialiser. Continue to follow the overpass until you see a green car. Head behind the vehicle and interact with the small treasure chest to claim the bikini

So, there you have it, that’s how you can get the bikini Nano Suit in Stellar Blade. Be sure to check out our Stellar Blade page for all the latest news and guides. 

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