Starfield players hit out at “broken” quests halting their progress months after launch

starfield monster costumeBethesda Softworks

Starfield bugs are still preventing players from completing a number of questlines. Many are calling the game “broken”.

Starfield has been a polarizing game with some fans hailing it as a Game of the Year contender as other players critique its “boring” design. Despite being Bethesda’s biggest launch to date, even Baldur’s Gate 3’s Larian Studios have had to defend the developer.

Like many Bethesda titles before it, Starfield’s bugs have somewhat hampered it. Some are obviously hilarious like dragging an entire city into space or a similar one that turns asteroids into pet rocks.

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Despite some humor to be found, bugs that actively stop you from playing a game you want to enjoy definitely aren’t a laughing matter. A recent post on the Starfield Subreddit has players venting about a number of quests that can’t be completed because of them.

Something tells us when fans asked Bethesda to keep some of the “jank” in Starfield, this wasn’t what they were talking about. u/Kaibaer went over “almost a dozen quests” they couldn’t continue thanks to bugs.

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Other players experiencing similar issues commiserated with them. “I had to stop playing because too many missions were broken,” one user explained. “I couldn’t even get through the Freestar Faction Quest which was the one I was most looking forward to.”

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“I’m still waiting for that b**ch on the Red Mile to introduce my ass,” another added referring to Mei Devine. The proprietress of the Red Mile has a known bug that stops her from interacting with players.

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“The Ryujin quest is bugged for me because a platform was supposed to spawn so I could physically get into a certain area,” one user put forward. Luckily for them, other players were able to help them by suggesting maxing out their Jump Pack skill.

Starfield Bounty HuntingBethesda Softworks
Anything that prevents you from being a space cowboy needs a fix.

Hopefully, these poor Starfield fans will find some reprieve soon. Bethesda recently announced a major update coming in the near future.

It’s currently available as a Steam Beta so PC players can test it out. Whether every single bug listed in this thread will be addressed remains to be seen.

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